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  1. What should a spouse do when his/her partner isn't interested in porn addiction recovery?
    Could you explain a little bit about the Mindful Habit Method?
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  2. lyad3618

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    Now that much more research and so many studies about porn addiction are out, it is clear that we are dealing with an epidemic like we have never seen before, ever. Have you been aware of any
    legislation to outlaw pornography in all its forms? This is not about the 1st amendment, it is about a real threat to our society, our country's future due to the high percentage of young people
    in their early teens now addicted to porn. Obviously there are many billions of dollars on the table, so the stakes to protect porn from being censored are going to be high, but it must be done
    for our society's sake.
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  3. Musta

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    Oh, great! Thanks alex
  4. Fighter834

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    First, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I listen to your podcast and your involvement on Pornfree Radio podcast and find it extremely helpful for my situation. I want to know what did you do to rebuild trust with your wife after she discovered your addiction. I have been very successful with controlling PMO and, while i feel recovery is a long term commitment, my focus has shifted to rebuilding my relationship with my wife. She has been deeply hurt by my deceit over the years of our marriage. She has always been supportive but she describes it as "100 foot tidal waves" that come every now and then and remind her of all the pain and hurt all over again. We've made significant progress towards repairing this. We talk regularly about any issues and emotions we both are having. We're open with each other like we've never been before. We're closer than we've ever been before. But these 'tidal waves' keep coming and it feels like 3 steps backwards. Not being defensive when these tidal waves come is something I'm struggling with but I'm working on. I understand it's importance. Any insight you have from your relationship would be greatly appreciated.
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  5. Ninjacan

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    When is the Podcast going to be recorded/posted?
  6. mohamed noor

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    Hey Craig
    I wanted to ask. You a few questions such as
    1 That is depression or pain responsible for porn addiction?

    2 I have always been in search of novelty i have never been satisfied with anything for a longer period of time. In my life what are the chances that after leaving pmo addiction Iwould become prone to other addictions?

    3 Can time really weaken the neuro pathways in my brain responsible for porn addiction also if it does how much of time is required on an estimate to overcome this Addiction?

    4 Whats the best advice you would give to overcome Behavioural addictions including porn?
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    Will questions on Dr. Love's page also be used here or do we need to rewrite them here?
  8. I don't understand why we would possibly use questions directed for Dr. Love for Craig Perra's interview, or vice-versa. They're different people. I won't ask many questions that are generic enough to ask anybody.
  9. StarKing

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    How do you teach people to observe and interrupt the unconscious habitual response of stimulus? What is your 'means' that you have for people for improving habitual response?
    For example - I am home alone, a thought of porn comes into my head, then the habitual behaviour starts which eventually leads to PMO.

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