Update to the Avatars and Images Policies of the Forum Rules

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  1. Moderation Team

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    We have updated and clarified the Forum Rules to provide clear guidance on acceptable avatars. Our community encompasses users of various sexual orientations and cultures. As a result, we are always reviewing our policies to ensure we are providing a community that is safe for rebooting from all types of porn.

    If your avatar, which may have been previously approved, falls outside of the posted guidelines, it will be deleted and you will be provided the opportunity to select a new one. A message may be provided by the Moderation Team informing you why your avatar was deleted and detailing the new policy.

    If you notice an avatar that violates these policies, or that you find triggering, please use the "report" button on the user's profile.

    As always, thank you for helping to make this the premiere community for PM recovery!

    Avatars and Images. As we have a large and diverse user-base, policies are created and enforced with all people considered. For example, while a photograph of a shirtless man might not be arousing for a straight male user, straight females and non-heterosexual men might find the photograph to be arousing.

    Like the general forum rules, sexually explicit images are always prohibited anywhere across the NoFap platform. Warnings are typically not given, offenders will either be temporarily suspended from posting or permanently banned based on how explicit the material is.

    Sexually explicit material can include art, drawings, paintings, cartoons, 3D graphics, photographs, or any other image that appears on the screen.
    • Sexually provocative imagery is unacceptable for a porn recovery forum. This includes clothed photos of porn performers, clothed people in sexualized poses, clothed animated porn characters, etc.
    • Images that feature lingerie, stockings, hosiery, or similar are prohibited.
    • Topless photographs are not permitted for either men or women.
    • Images that show a man or woman’s areolas are always removed.
    • Images that show more than 25% of the chest and torso skin are prohibited.
    • Foot-focused, chest/breast-focused, or sexualized body-part focused images are prohibited.
    • This applies to weight-lifting photos, photos from bands, movies, swimming, etc.
    • “Selfie style” photos are permitted as long as they fit within the other guidelines.
    Final interpretation of these avatar policies will always rest with the Moderation Team. Furthermore, it is possible for an image to be initially approved, and later overturned by another member of the Moderation Team. If your image is deleted and you are instructed to select a different image, continuing to select images that violate the rules will be considered to be disregarding moderator instructions, and may be subject to additional corrective actions. This will apply even if the new image is initially approved and then overturned.
  2. Woo, first post in a mod thread!

    Good stuff to know
  3. vxlccm

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    Very helpful rules. Thank you NoFap and moderators for helping all of us in recovery!
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    This is cool something I need help with
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    First day.wish me the best
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  7. So memes are allowed then
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  8. Only good ones.
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    Like this?

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    I can't upload my avatar, said contact the site owner.... help?
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  13. Same here. ; (
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  14. There's a technical problem and it will take some time to be repaired. I can't provide you with an exact estimate. But it's been going on for over 2 weeks or something, so you might take a hint and don't fret about it for a while.
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    Alrighty :)
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