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    17 October 2015

    An update:

    There has been a growing issue lately of the use of overly descriptive porn based language. Do not mention specific porn sites or pornographic genres on the forum. Please err on the side of caution when posting, as what you are writing could be triggering to other fapstronauts.

    Additionally, disrespectful language, especially regarding sex, will not be tolerated and will result in the material being removed. Warnings may be given for disrespectful language depending on the severity of the offence.

    Kind regards, and stay strong!
    The Moderation Team

    6 August 2015

    Following concern by many users on the forum, the moderation team has decided to take action against a few problems that have arisen in the last few months. This post serves to address these issues, and to acknowledge any action that the moderation team may take against a user if necessary.

    This post is an expansion of the Nofap Rules Thread, which is posted at the top of the Rebooting section. All content addressed in this thread is referenced in the forum rules.

    Notable issues include:
    • A growing level of argumentative responses on threads
    • Questioning other user’s motivations or attacking them
    • Misogyny and posts dedicated to the demeaning of specific groups

    While everyone is welcome to express their opinion on the forum, please do so constructively. If you do not agree with something that someone has said, you are welcome to question it or challenge it. However blatant attacks on other users because of differing opinions or morals will not be tolerated.

    It seems that everyone has been on edge lately. While this is understandable for people as sexually frustrated as us, just ask yourself before posting- “Is a response to this thread going to be at least partially beneficial for those who are intended to read it?” If not, then do not say anything. Pointless arguments over any variety of topics will get us nowhere and will only add to our frustration.

    Questioning/ Attacking other Users

    This not only involves insulting another user, but also spreading your opinions of a particular user publicly on the forum. Questioning the morals or postings of another user is equivalent to publicly shaming them. If a specific post is reported or noticed by a moderator, that mod will use their intuition to decide what action is necessary.

    Misogyny/ Homophobia/ Transphobia etc.

    This forum is very diverse and houses people from all walks of life who are struggling with PMO. Such significant groups of people include both men and women, cisgender and transgender, and heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or other.

    Please be respectful of all groups on the forum. Moral qualms with other users based on religious backgrounds are often not welcome. Not that this forum is secular. Religious posts are allowed as long as they are for a user’s own or another user’s benefit.

    Particularly, threads attacking women and threads based in hatred to a specific group of people are not permitted on the forum. Although this is a male dominated forum, there is also a significant number of women here. This forum is designed to be a safe and inclusive place for everyone to fight PMO and to support others in recovery. Women are already an isolated group on the forum. Therefore any derogatory posts will further add to their isolation, potentially making their recovery more difficult.

    Actions on behalf of the moderation team that may be taken if a user breaches the nofap rules:

    • The deletion of the offending post
    • A public warning made on the profile of the user, accompanied by a message to the user
      • The generation of these messages is automatic and is not always specific to the situation. If you have any questions on the nature of any action taken against you, do not hesitate to respond to that message and the moderator can tell you exactly how you have breached the rules, and how to avoid prosecution in the future.
    • Temporary or permanent bans for offending users with existing warnings (depending on the severity of the offence)
    A relevant question: Are these conditions challenging my freedom of speech?

    A relevant rebuttal to the posting conditions listed above would be to suggest that such rules are a breach of freedom of posting and freedom of speech.

    A conclusive response to this question has to be: it’s a compromise. This is not 4chan, and this forum is not the same as the Reddit Nofap forum. This site may be more heavily moderated than other forums, but it is designed to be for the benefit of everyone, to keep this site as a safe haven for people to come to when they are trying to quit PMO.

    We are not trying to create some sort of George Orwell inspired dystopia. If you feel that moving to another forum would be more beneficial for you, by all means go ahead. But it has been proven within the last few months that we cannot always expect people to behave maturely here. So, in response, we must take action to prevent further problems in future.

    If you have any questions, please post them here, or contact a moderator.

    Yours Sincerely
    The Moderation Team
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