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  1. Castielle

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    @Sarah W. To continue our conversation (And if anyone else wants to jump in)...

    So yeah, I've put pictures and videos and such up using those buttons above before. I've also put up pictures by clicking the "upload file" button at the bottom. Sometimes pictures don't always have a url link, because you just find them on some random site or something and it doesn't give you the option to see just the picture, so the link would be for the site itself, not just the picture. So that's when I save the picture onto my phone and upload it with the "upload file" button.

    But for some reason it doesn't always work. And I can't upload pictures directly from my phone that I took with my phone, ever. Whenever I want to put up a pic of something I've actually taken, I have to put it up on Facebook first, then copy the picture URL, and then put that into the embedding tool. I have no idea why, but I've just learned to live with that part.

    But it's weird to me that sometimes things I download from Google embed here perfectly fine, and sometimes they don't.
  2. Castielle

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    See, that gif worked fine from the upload file button, but the one I was trying to post before doesn't. I even tried two different versions of it, both from Google (as was this one) and neither worked.


    That one worked fine, because it had a URL that was just for the picture itself.


    Well there. That was the one I was trying to post before. I found a version of it that had a URL just for the picture itself, so I embedded it that way. But I still don't understand why the other one didn't work by uploading the file, because I've done it that way many times with other gifs. I've tried three different versions of that same gif, and none of them want to upload that way, even though they're from different sites.
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    Hmm, that is odd. I can upload gifs and pictures, heck even screenshots from my phone without giving me an error or problem.

    For the Google image part this image is from the site gifer using the embed button above.

    And even doing the above embed button once again on the site giphy it still works, even with this strange address:



    Any chance I can find those pictures you tried to embed from the exact same sites? I'm curious if I can make them work.
  4. Castielle

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    I don't really know exactly what you mean. But that pic of holt saying he's in a state of euphoria is the one that doesn't work when I download it to my phone and try to use the "upload file" button.
  5. Castielle

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    I found like 3 different versions of that gif, on different sites, and none of them work when I download them and try to upload them that way.
  6. Castielle

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    That kind of thing works fine for me. The only time the embedding thing doesn't work is when the picture doesn't have a specific URL. Like, for example, if the picture is on Tumblr or some site where there are just a bunch of pictures on one page, so the page isn't specific to that one picture. I never have issues with giphy, that I can remember.
  7. Castielle

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    It might just be my phone. Idk. My sister sent me a picture from her phone, and I saved it to mine, and I can upload that one just fine. But I can't upload anything I took with my camera. I can't remember if screenshots work.


    Yep, screenshots work. Just not camera photos.
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  8. I have had the same issues. But what is super frustrating for me is trying to add a picture from my computer file in a PM or Conversation. Yet again, the box only offers the URL option. That is no good because it is just stored on my laptop, let's say a sunset for example. Am I missing something?
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  9. Castielle

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    Yeah, it's annoying. There are definitely plenty of situations in which you would want to upload or share a file that doesn't have a URL. I get around it by putting whatever it is on Facebook first, and then copying that URL, but that's super annoying to do, and I can't do it from my phone.
  10. Thanks for the tip :cool:
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  11. Little Bo Peep

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    Maybe it's different on every phone? Because I have no problems uploading camera pictures and even screenshots. I actually have more probpems with gif's sometimes.
    After it uploads it looks like that, same thing on any picture you upload really.

    My newer Sony phone had multiple problems with it until I switched to this older Samsung. Have you tried different browsers like Opera, Brave, Chrome or Firefox?
  12. Castielle

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    I haven't tried different browsers. I use Chrome. And yeah, maybe it's just my phone I guess. I have a Galaxy s7 edge.
  13. Is there anything you can suggest about these issues @Jack Fischer?
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  14. Jack Fischer

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    @IGY thanks for bringing this to my attention, not something we want broken. Will look asap.
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  15. Kenzi

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    I can do pictures... But never GIFs

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