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Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Jerry Garfield, May 19, 2022.

  1. Jerry Garfield

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    So I was doing nofap well for 5 days but mistakenly a video aroused me in YouTube, which led me to the hot p*** video sites due to which I relapsed. But it does not end here. I cannot forget the hot p*** star there and this is leading me to binge relapses. Yesterday I fapped 4 times seeing the same p*** star. I could not forget her and those thoughts kept arousing me everytime, even if try to distract myself. Please help me guys with this problem.
  2. How are you now,? Started again?
  3. Create “The One”

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    Stop and hold your breath upon arousal, Play Beethoven/Mozart, drink lots of celery juice If you have money, pay someone to help you get a girlfriend

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