Urges and/or feelings?

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  1. Sometimes i have an urge (to fap). A bodily desire to satisfy asap. These are very hard to ignore.
    Sometimes I have feeling, where i want to connect with someone.. which, in the absence of 'someone', is satisfied (ithink, not sure..) by live webcam sites (not me on cam :s)
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  2. How long is your latest streak?
  3. currently i cannot go a single day.
  4. ithink there is also a 3rd category, where there is an urge for excitement, which can be (but shouldn't be), satisfied by other sexually related behaviours. voyeurism included but not exclusive.
  5. Yikes that's serious. I'm not sure how to respond. Your desire to quit has to be stronger than the desire to use porn. There are different ways to get there. Have you tried some of the nofap strategies from the handbook?
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  6. ty. i will revisit the handbook.
    i just wondered if others have the 2 initial feelings and how they respond to them
  7. My urges usually stemmed from my overactive imagination and fantasies that had been cooking in my brain for about 5 minutes before I got the urge and acted on them. The challenge is to kill the fantasy before it takes off.
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  8. I'm fighting that as well. I can't control it. I relapsed today because of this.
  9. EthanW.

    EthanW. Fapstronaut

    For urges, undertake some sort of physical activity. You don't even have to work out, really, just stand up, pace the room, jog in place or even head outside for fresh air. Just remove yourself as best you can from the urge. Then, go do something productive.

    For feelings of loneliness, come on to NoFap. Post in the forums or write in a journal. It's not always easy to build real-life relationship when starting out in NoFap, so find whatever connections you can to dissuade the emotion of loneliness.

    For this, I would recommend a hobby that stimulates you, which you can begin substituting. The easiest are videogames because they produce immediate dopamine, but, long-term, some more demanding hobbies (such as biking, mountain climbing, hiking, car building, model building, computer building, chess, MMA, cooking, volunteering, or anything else that builds excitement and achievement) will be more productive. Or you could watch non-PMO movies if you need that quick boost. Brainstorm and try different avenues.

    Let us know what works, our community likes progress.

    All the best, bro.
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  10. This Is a battle fort control of your mind. You need to redirect your thoughts immediately when you start the fantasy. EthanW had done good suggestions in how to do that. You also need to recognize all of your triggers like when you are lonely, bored, tired.. . Then come up with an alternative to PMO before the thoughts come.
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    I can relate very much to this desire for connection, webcam being an immediate "solution" that offers both connection and pleasure.
    Unfortunately I have found it only satisfies for a brief time, afterwards for me there is usually shame and remorse over doing it.
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