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    hey everyone so I keep catching myself having urges. No matter what I'm doing work, washing dishes etc. I even went as far to download a blocker on my phone, but my brain knows I can just download a vpn and bypass it, if the urges are bad enough. I try the panic button and keeping myself busy but just now I caught my self downloading the vpn getting on a P website and starting to M I stopped myself then uninstalled vpn not 1 hour later I re did it all again and caught myself doing it again had to stop myself. It seems like the farthest I ever get is 2 weeks lately its been maybe 6-7 days. Do these urges ever fully go away? How do the people who reach like 30-60 days+ deal with the urges?
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    I have had the same issues...I feel that any computer based system for blocking porn is worthless, because as you said, it is just too easy to get around it.
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    Stop fantasying and mindless internet browsing. Start working out, eat healthy, go for walks. Do something you’ve never done before.
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    Also meditate or you’ll get a build up of sexual energy down there.
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    Practice concentration 30-40minutes every single day. For that I recommend extenral trataka....basically gazing...the focus is to just see, no straining or other bullshit. Internal and other variations I dont recommend are like close your eyes and visualise the target...bullshit. The "external" type leads not only to kingly mentation but also the complete form of it.

    Also in your spare time train body control. It takes you deeper in consciousness. : https://mentalfocusplan.com/12-concentration-exercises-from-1918/

    I personally do these. Did a lot, stopped, tried other things...I have experience and digged down to these. If you have a bit of a streak going espeically monkmode...after 2-4weeks of these daily your life will change lol
  6. DesertExplorer

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    Hey, man. I'm sorry to hear you've been having difficulties. I would recommend you to stop trying to employ strategies like this in order to not relapse. They don't work. They even make things worse because you give much thought into it and deplete your willpower.

    If you want to get over this and not relapse, there is only one efficient way to do this for me. First, realize that the urges won't go away. But it will get better. You need to stop ignoring the urges. Stop denying them. Instead, every time you feel the urge, stop whatever you're doing, close your eyes (or not, however you prefer), and observe the emotion associated with that urge. Also, observe any thought that comes to your head at the time. But don't think. Don't let your mind carry you away. Concentrate on observing the emotion. Or feeling the feeling as others describe it. And be patient until it vanishes.

    This is not very different than meditation, only it is better for those short term crises we have.

    Stay strong and try this. You have nothing to lose.

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