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  1. Morethan

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    Why, at times, does the one-eyed beast demand so much attention? It seems the slightest touch can create havoc. The past few days have been rough. Even my underwear seems to be "rubbing me the wrong way"!

    It has been 65 days and I will not give in to this monster! Thank you for letting me vent.
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  2. Agreed after getting your sensitivity back there are times when seemingly anything will wake it up. This is both a good thing and a difficult thing at the same time. As you know we have to be able to ignore or shift focus away as hard as that is sometimes.
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  3. mdz

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    After 600 days I am now back to the sensitivity where i not only get spontanous erections, but also a higher sex drive. I havent felt this way since I was 19 years.
    I just felt i had to masturbate (without porn), badly.
    This urge is totally different from the porn dopamine urge. Its not the same animal.
  4. TimeToQuitNow

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    Keep going, you got this!
  5. Stay strong brother the urges will pass
  6. Rynex

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    Stay strong man; I have faith you can, afterall, you stuck for 67 days. Also, don't mentally beat yourself up for experiencing the urges, it doesn't help. Try to gently nudge your mind towards other thoughts.
  7. Reborn16

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    This is something I don't remember getting in higher streaks (around 45 days). Thanks for sharing, will not be caught off guard so much if I can get to this point soon.

    Agree with others, change your thoughts by changing your actions. Get up and walk around, do something engaging, or have a rest. Just don't concentrate on the feeling too much!

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