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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by IWillWin03, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. IWillWin03

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    Anybody seen any improvements in their urination or bowel movements since quitting porn and excessive MO.
  2. Does it help that too? Huh...well I hardly ever used to crap solid. Saw the doctor and got a colonoscopy and everything...no problems. I relapsed recently but before that put together some good streaks. Now that I think about it it’s been solid consistently now.

    I haven’t really been paying attention to my urination...makes me wonder though...
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  3. lion188

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    That's seem interesting, can you develop more , because me to i starts to noticing some improving but I'm not sure if that is related to that
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  5. Originaldutchcow

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    Yes, i seem to have a anxiety related condition where i constantly felt the urge to empty my bladder whenever i could. So on average u would take a piss every hour. Now i can easily wait for 3-4 hours.

    Bowel movements?
    Well, when i was on my longest streak the bowel movements were so good that I went to the doctor for it. I was constipated for years so this was a big suprise to me. I relapsed shortly after for a few weeks and i am constipated again. Now i am going for another long streak, gonna wait and see how this changes.

    Relapsing and dopamine spikes can also cause flatulence and constipation, based on the articles that I have read about it.
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  6. arkad1

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    No, i actually got a lot of problems since. I started go peeing a lot of times, sometimes i even risked peeing myself...
  7. BigOne79

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    Hey man! Congrats on the streak you have!! I did have urinary problems for the first months on nofap Would be getting up constantly in middle of night to urinate, just the process of healing. Now, I can hold my need to urinate longer than before. Have not had problems since for last two you three months. I'm on 7th month of nofsp now.
  8. Guysavi

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    The original poster has perhaps left this forum.. I wanted to know if anyone had any improvement in their urine/bowel function- bowel especially tbh as it is my main issue. It is good to know that @Originaldutchcow did see improvement. Did u try any stretches or anything in particular to help with constipation during ur streak?
    In all, i presume that everyone knows that all these problems are due to our bad fapping habits which have led to pelvic floor dysfunction..
  9. Originaldutchcow

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    My doc suggested more fibres. But like i said, i was constipated for years up to the point of bleeding and severe pain from swelling hours after a BM.

    In my first nofap streak of 45 days, i noticed severe flatulence. After 30 days bowel movements became easy and daily. No longer once every 4 days but now every single day with ease. After relapsing, constipation returned and flatulence is still there due to dopamine distubances, 2 weeks in now so i hope i will have big improvements the coming weeks.
  10. I was thinking this today. I go to bed at 10 but I go to wee a tiny but about 2-3 times within the next 2 hours. I've realised I don't do that as much now!

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