Urine incontinence after getting erection

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Suhayb, Jun 22, 2020.

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    Hi guys. I've a question that I often experience urine drops leakage even after I come back after urinating. Is it a side-effect of fapping? Being a Muslim, I've to pray Namaz and this problem causes impurity which is very stressful for me. Will it fade away as I go more deeper into my reboot? Thank you

    I've been reading a lot of posts about this and I conclude that edging affects, a guy from this forum confirm that when he stopped to edging the problem dissapears.

    and guess what, today I had some erections, and then just after that I was with a weak urine flow, it seems like the prostate get inflame after erection with no ejaculation, so that could explain why many of you have this problem, guess we edge in the journey in someway, maybe with no porn, maybe just erections. I've also seen this problem after masturbate, but what if the problem was due to edging a lot before masturbate?
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    I would suggest you start doing Kegel's. Essentially you're squeezing the muscle you use to stop urination while you're actually. So next time you take a piss, stop the flow before you're finished. That's what is known as the PC Muscle. A Kegel is the voluntary flexing of that muscle. If you train that muscle you will gain better control over your bladder. I would start with 50 quick squeezes, rest 1 min, 50 more, rest, 50 more. As you gain control you can increase the number of squeezes or you can do less squeezes, but hold them for a few seconds.

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