Urologist take on NoFap :200 days Journey to success

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    I have been reading the forums for about 7 months now.
    I'm 31 years old, Board Certified Urologist.

    Started watching P at age of 14 on VHS tapes
    then computers came to life, it became part of my daily routine.
    multiple tabs, more than once a day.

    I've been dealing with Severe ED for few years now.
    I was able to maintain my erection few times years back.
    but the majority of my experience is losing my erection at some point or not having it at all.

    I tried a lot of things with no success
    I lost 40KG (88lbs) with balanced diet and exercise over 2 years
    been lifting weights for few years now
    No history of disease
    but still no improvement in ED.

    being a Urologist and dealing with a lot of ED patients ,mostly elderly with organic causes, it was a frustrating thing for me (YES I know its ironic).

    I measured my hormones level (Normal)
    My ultrasound was Normal
    and all other tests and examinations were Normal

    I got desperate. I tried vitamins, supplements and the so called ED food (fish, shrimp etc.) no luck.

    even Tadalafil 20mg no signs of life in the penis while with women.

    I rarely had a problem while PMO so I knew nothing was wrong organically.

    before I found this site I met a new girl. went out couple of times and I invited her over.
    we fooled around for an hour or so (while on Tadalafil 20mg) still nothing at all.

    I started researching medical articles and I found Porn-induced ED, I researched it extensively. even Discussed it with my senior Professors at the hospital since we do see an increasing number of young adult patients with the same problem in our clinic. they were not convinced and dismissed it as biased and BS.

    but I was too desperate and decided to give it a serious try since the science behind it made sense to me. I read a lot of forum posts and watched a lot of videos on youtube.

    I deleted all my porn collection and quite cold turkey

    my original plan was 90 days hard mode.
    the desire was intense for the first few days to MO but I never really missed the Porn

    To be honest I expected it to be harder but after the first week it was a breeze when I kept in mind the expected benefit.

    I had days counting app which gave me a lot of incentive to stay on the challenge

    after 54 days, while I didn't experience leakage or congestion, I got frustrated that I didn't get any wet dreams.
    So I decided to test if I could have an erection with thoughts(not to P)
    the result was amazing I never imagined I could get an erection with thoughts only. I ended up MO by accident (in retrospect I wish I didn't do that)

    I didn't experience a chaser effect and I completed 120 days of no P
    although I have MO few times to thoughts (again never to P).

    I also read an article about the benefits of (Pine Bark extract and 1.8grams L arginine) in daily use plus I decided to add Zinc Orotate. (If it didn't help, it wouldn't hurt right?)

    few days later I went on a date with the same girl I dated 4 months ago

    I still took Tadalafil 20mg as an insurance policy(I thought it might help with re-wire process)

    and the result was unexpected. the moment we held hands I started to have an erection
    I was very happy. was able to orgasm 3 times in 2-3 hours. with excellent erection.

    we went out couple of times on few more dates and also with other girls.
    (reduced Tadalafil to 10mg) I was always able to to orgasm 2-3 times per night.
    Although I partially lose my erection sometimes while getting a BJ but I always get it back in bed.

    it has been 200 days now and things looking good.
    I have not had any disappointments since then.
    I'm never getting back to porn and neither should anyone. it's really not worth it.

    I'm not sure if I'm cured yet.
    I'll try to reduce my Tadalafil intake to zero gradually. and maybe stop other supplements over time when I'm confident I'm rewired.

    I didn't experience super powers, change of mental statues or clear skins etc.

    it was never my intention to post anything in the forum.
    THANK YOU, everyone who posted their experience.
    It helped me getting through Dark times
    NoFap WORKS!
    and I hope this post will help someone who was lost and is looking for guidance as I was few months back.

  2. I would believe that porn can cause ED issues for men for a variety of reasons
    Mental,needing a variety of attractive willing partners.
    Physical ,needing more stimulation then a vagina provided.And as I believe was my case,due to my age over use .I believe the refractory period increases as we age.I am 68 and I really think once a week is best for me.I know when I went to a clinic that specializes in treating ED I was never asked about MO or PMO frequency.
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  3. Do you think you will begin asking patients if they are regular PMOers?

    Will you prescribe no PMO as a means of treating ED?

    @Joey7 , it's interesting to hear your professinal perspective.
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    I really believe as you age you can only have so many quality ejaculations a month.
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    Thanks for sharing your story!

    You have an exciting opportunity as an urologist to study this phenomenom experientially and scientificly.

    I sincerely hope that you will work to further the science of Nofap in your professional capacity! You have a chance here to do great things for the world.

  6. It's so inspiring to read such story from a doctor, I feel I'm on the right path, and some day I intend to be a doctor as well. Thank you for sharing your story.
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  7. Great!!! Congrats man, enjoy your new life. And please.... spread the knowledge! Now you must pay back and help other ppl aka your patients. And you should tell your sceptical collegues as well. Its time for a change.
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    Woah, psychological > physiological + the irony of it all, good story.
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    Yes, maybe you could tell me why most doctors are so behind times on their knowledge? You know it works because it is helping you to cure your problems, similarly Allen Car works and trauma healing , yet the medical world rejects all those concepts for years! I used to think that doctors know better until I realised they keep millions of people
    On antidepressants and as a result keep them stucked in their trama, they prescribe nicotine replacement and keep smokers addicted for longer and they don’t advocate stoping PMO thus contributing to patients erectal problems. ... and in all of this they sware not to do any harm. It would be nice if doctors could follow the most uptudate trends and what truly works eh? So I am glad that you are now one of them.
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    I dont believe this guy and his story, but everything he sais, as we know, is plausible.
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    I used to watch porn vs no porn debates when i was younger on tv, i was always on the side of porn is a good thing and the old fuddy duddy's advocating no porn should mind theyre own....well ive switched sides.... Having access to it for nearly 20 years has messed me up, now prefer it to real women which is why im here. After just 9 days ive totally bought into the nofap concept because im already feeling the affects. Random hornyness, erections and women are more appealing. My state of mind is if this is me after just 9 days imagine if i stay the course and complete 90. Im starting to think i can totally reset my sexuality to before i discovered porn.
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    I am with David Stone on this one. Could we have witnessed the first Board Certified Urologist who writes like a lazy 8th grader? He doesn't sound at all like a doctor. Even if English is not his first language, the punctuation and slang references are simply too much to believe. How many doctors refer to oral sex as a "BJ"?

    Could it be that we WANT to read what a doctor says?
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  15. What u guys are doing? Do u judge a doctor on the base of punctuations and his writing skills?
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    YES definitely if the patient is young and there are no other reasons of his ED
    I think no PMO might help.
    The problem with medicine is that we depend on the strongest evidence that is based on research.
    PMO induced ED is weak. I couldn't find more than 2 published papers on it
    and it's not mentioned in the medical books
    I've never heard of it until I was actively looking outside of the medical text books in the published literature.
    Plus it's an emerging problem that did not exist 20 years ago(according to the published research)
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    you are entitled to your opinion.
    I apologize for my bad writing skills but English it's not my native language.
    I would say "Oral sex" if I was talking to a patient in a professional dialogue but when I speak with my friends I would call it "BJ" like everyone else

    I'm happy to share with you my credentials in private(I would not like to post them publicly on the internet)
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    Well, maybe you can do the study and write those papers then. Just imagine how many people you would help out. Thank you for clarifying the above for me.
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    U don’t need to prove anything to anyone here or disclose ur private details. Doctors are people too so you can communicate the way you want to and you can say you are who you are and it is nobody’s business here.

    The most important lesson you can ever learn in life is to be secure in yourself. As long as you know who you are and what you are worth, you don’t need to prove anything to anybody. So don’t let any negative belittling comments ever get you on self defensive line. Just keep your head high and know your self value regardless of what people say. People who belittle others or question their life long achievements normally feel bad about themselves internally and discrediting somome else makes them feel better about their own importance. Just let them be because they have not discovered their own self value.
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    Hey congrats! So this is something you should talk out loud as a health professional. You analized yourself and found there was no other problem than PMO. And @HopeFaith is right, you don't need to show us your evidences, I've heard medicine students at my U talking like any young person, you're human beings too and in fact I would prefer it to the doctors to talk to us patients in that way, like any other human being. So keep going, all the best and well, it's awsome to have your male power back but I suggest to not spend it with too many girls but with just one.