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    I just got back from seeing a urologist. I told him I have ED and DE.

    He said, "What do you mean by delayed ejaculation?"

    I told him sometimes I go and go and nothing happens. He said it sounds like a mechanical issue because I'm not hard enough.

    I think it's a dopamine receptor problem with the erectile dysfunction and a norepinephrin receptor problem with the delayed ejaculation. I think I have to simply stay completely away from porn and masturbation and that should fix my brain. But, he thinks that's not it. He's testing for hormones like testosterone, prolactin and estradiol.

    This is frustrating. Mainstream medical science lags so far behind.

    I have no idea how the blood tests are going to come out. But, I'll have to be prepared to give an answer as to whether I'm willing to accept testosterone replacement if it comes back low. I know that once you are on it, your body stops making its own.
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