Useful Exercises to control urges

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    Its no magic pill. Its boring and takes time to master. I've been practicing a yoga technique I accidently discovered while doing a yoga practice. I learned more about the technique and I've found that it is used by sages and celibates to maintain celibacy.

    Don't misuderstand it for impotency but far from it. If you practice it you'll see noticeable improvement in sexual retentive power but at the same time noticeable reduction in sexula urges. In one sentence: more focus on quality than quantity.

    The technique is called moola Bandha or contriction of perineum muscles with proper breathing.

    How to do it?
    1. Sit in cross legged posture preferably in siddha aasan. Look it up yourself. It is easy.
    2. Take a deep inhalation & hold your breadth.
    3. After completing inhalation constrict your perineum muscles such that you feel it moving up. Hold it for as long as possible while also holding the breadth.
    4. As you release your hold on
    perineum exhale completely.
    5. Repeat 5-10 times.

    If you do practice it than let me know if it works for you. It has surely worked for me. I once masturbated (no porn) after 10 days of practice and nofap to test. Orgasm was delayed and much fuller in quantity. You'll improve gradually so don't give up if you're not able to do it.
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