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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, May 27, 2016.

  1. I have discovered a new trick to avoid potential FAP\PMO triggers: disable the display of images in websites.

    Here the path:

    • Click the Customize / Control Google Chrome button > Settings.
    • Scroll down and click on "Show Advanced settings".
    • In the Privacy section, click on Content settings.
    • In the Image section, select "Do not show images".
    • Click on OK to validate.

    I have found it useful. Hope you'll find useful too!
  2. Winston

    Winston Guest

    It could be !
    The more efficient: less even NO internet at all :)
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  3. ILoathePwife

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  4. vulture175

    vulture175 Fapstronaut

    or you can use extensions here

    if you're firefox user, u can use it: here
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  5. Jabba the Lover

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    Wizmage Image Blocker is much better. With it, you can unlock safe sites or certain images (≠porn) you need to view. I've been using Wizmage Blocker along with Dr Web antivirus that blocks porn sites since May 1 (the start of my streak) without relapsing to porn even once. Blocking all the pics on the web is completely unnecessary: doing it, you are basically "throwing the baby out with the bath water".
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  6. Congrelous

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    This is brilliant. This helps a lot. Thank you.

    The biggest problem for me is the "picture trigger". More than anything else, really.
  7. Thank you @Congrelous ! The picture trigger is also my "Achilles' heel"... It is like, in many occasions, adding fuel to an unextinguished fire...

    The quotations in your signature are great, I have found this one:

    “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”
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  8. Congrelous

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    Heh, that is very true. Most of us here have known real self-induced suffering. We could probably stop much of it if we wanted to. I don't know why porn is the key to it. Maybe something having to do with dopamine receptors, maybe something having to do with the libido, the life force, but it is what it is.

    Now that I have been without pictures for a few hours now, it really is remarkable how much the thumbnails stimulate brain. Pictures of women in the sidebar of a news website, particularly targeted to entice a male brain to click on them. A smorgasbord of fakery. I wish I had found this earlier. This is better than a porn blocker, it eliminates the stimulus response temptation entirely.
  9. That's true @Congrelous . To be honest I did not win the entire NoFAP war using this trick but only some battles...
    However I think that summing the mutual aid of this NoFAP community and the tricks we have learnt ( or we will learn) we will get rid of FAP/PMO sooner or later: I have not been fapping since I joined NoFAP 9 days ago... Almost magic!
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  10. TrueHuman

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    Doesn't work on Android
  11. Thank you for your answer, the application you suggested seems working pretty well.
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