Using dreams to beat addiction

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    This is only an idea that you might employ. Enough is been writen about the effect on the brain and how to beat porn addiction.
    This is a different perspective.

    In this post i will write how dreaming affects waking life and vice versa and it can help you not only with porn addiction, but also with other aspects of you life. I the end i will write some resources where you can gain further knowledge if you are interested. Some of this might be a little more "spiritual" if you more of a logical person read with an open mind or don t read at all.

    English is not my first language, so i apologize for posiblle mistakes.

    I am writting this post beacause this morning i had a strong feeling that i should write this, that someone could benefit from this. As i have been practising lucid dreaming, meditation and other things i have noticed in my waking life it is a LOT easier not to relapse because i am very present in the moment and can evaluate the situation when i have a urge to mastrubate. Also when you start changing your dreams it will affect
    you waking life.

    ALL of us dream if we remember it or not.

    Every person has some tendencies or habitual responses, in the eastern philosophy they would call them karmic traces-every action (karma) leaves a trace (this is simply put, cause and effect). So if you are not present in dreams you are acting according to your habitual tendencies. So you are reinforcing behavior that you would perceive as negative in dreams and dont even know it, so you are making things harder if you want to change something. As it applies to you when you start changing waking life (not watching porn), in the dream you are still reinforcing that habit of watching porn or you are maybe feeling guilty when you do it in dream or maybe your fantasies play out- which doesent help if you are trying to beat porn addiction and sustain from mastrubating.-if you avoid/change it in dream it will transfer into you waking life

    Benefits of using this (in my experiance):

    - you use that time when you were watching porn, for reading/watching things about lucid dreaming
    - if you are doing it in a dream and in waking life there is a larger chance for sucess (you can also practice a skill and get better at it in waking life)
    - it will transfer to other parts of you life
    - you will change your habitual response to porn, so when you encounter in real life a relapse situation
    you can act positivly, eventually you wont see it as something negative

    It is good to see it as a test/obstacle. Where there is a big problem, there is a large possibility for growth.


    -use some sort of affirmations whey you go to bed and when you wake up
    -improve your recall by writting your dreams
    -when you wake up dont move-think about what you dreamt (usually if you can remember one scene, you can go backwards)
    -eat less processed and more REAL food
    -drink only water (not tap water)
    -be relaxed when you go to sleep (meditate or something), dont think of problems or things you have to do

    Two youtube channels if you want to learn about lucid dreaming (here you can learn about the how to):

    - (watch only the lucid dreaming ones)

    they have resources to get you started.

    A book if you are into this:

    -The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep-Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

    This is a book about the Bon buddhism which focuses on dreams to reach liberation. Please read preface and table of content first to decide if you are going
    to read it, if you are a begginer of just want to lucid dream then it is best if you read Stephen LaBerge-s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

    If you have any questions or want me to elaborate please ask.

    ALSO! do something every day to move you forward to you goal.
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    I think its a great idea, currently im having trouble with my dreams, they are not helping me with quitting PMO, maybe this can help. Thanks for this info.
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    i hope you will benefit from this, if you have any questions please ask..
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    Idea: You could speak some positive affirmations like "I'm fully relaxed", and record them on your smartphone. Then, you program your phone such that it will play your recording during the night, while you sleep. You will unconsciencly hear these affirmations and you will become even mroe relaxed, you will store these affirmations in your mind.

    I think it is important that such affirmations are very positive and very pleasant. They should give you a really good feeling of being deeply relaxed.
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    Worth a try, you can also try with binaural beats, but you must be comforatable having phone by you side and headphones on the whole night.
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