using ERP to help defeat the PMO addiction

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    Hello all,

    (Some history about my self first skip to the 2nd part for ERP)

    I have been doing NoFap for around a year now. I'm also diagnostic with OCD and go to therapy.

    I've been doing this for the past year and saw have improvements in my self I never though I could achieve.

    From being a shut in to, holding down a full time job in my field for about a year

    Being way more social

    And even dating (mind you it was very brief)

    Huge improvements but I keep relapsing

    2ND part

    I talked to therapist about it and wants to try ERP with me

    ERP stands for exposure response prevention.

    The Idea is to trigger yourself on purpose and sit with those feeling to teach your brain to not fear it and to accept those feelings

    I told him, I want to get to point were I can watch a movie, see a sex scene, not be triggered and relapses hours later

    For example it starts like this
    0 to 10 scale

    10 would be a sex scene in a movie

    1 would be a cute girl on Google fully clothed

    So you trigger your self for lets say 5 mins, start very low on the scale

    And when 5mins up that's it - you move on with your day and feel those feelings . You don't engage with the thoughts and don't look at more

    Eventually you will be able to deal with intense ugers and triggers without freaking out

    Has anyone else tried anything similar


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