Using sex dolls for practice?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Elliot Argentum, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Elliot Argentum

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    I was hanging out with an old friend from high school and I decided to tell him about how I had deleted all my porn and started my NoFap journey. I expected him to laugh his head off as he was the type who was always watching hentai and sketching sex acts during math.

    To my surprise he told me that he had quit porn two years ago, and re-taught himself to masturbate without using porn. Now this is where things get weird. He told me that he owned one of those "realistic-looking' sex doll. I asked him if this wasn't just a substitute for porn and a way to avoid the anxiety of approaching real women.

    No he claims that it's not the case. He says he uses the sex doll to hone his skills, like a fighter hitting a training dummy at the gym before moving onto a human (that'll actually hit back). To be fair I did see him approach some women during the course of the day and he seemed a lot more confident than I was.

    Is there method to his madness? I'm not sure how I feel about this as I am still is the early stages of my reboot, while he seems to have moved past this hurdle. :)
  2. Jason_Tesla_19

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    Sex dolls are just masturbation, and will keep you in MO. I didn't have a sex doll, but I did have a fake vagina toy, and I basically forgot about my hand, and was using it all the time. Eventually started using it to PMO. Escalation is a bitch. If you're serious about quitting MO, then don't get toys, and if you have them, throw them away! The only way I got to a long streak was throwing away my toy, because it was such an addiction.
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  3. It sounds kind of weird but it does make logical sense. Clearly there is a physical component to sex so hitting a practice dummy would help with muscle memory, power and stamina. If you were doing missionary and doggystyle on a doll you would be working the same muscles you work when you have sex so there would be some value to doing it. That may not really be why he was doing it though.
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  4. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Youre just going to get used to banging a lifeless dummy that just lays there. Get a real woman with a pulse.
  5. I've banged a couple of women that fall into that category. You just described my ex girlfriend, lol.
  6. It's none of my concern what you choose to do, but I would think that using a sex doll would desensitize you even more, as you will not be accustomed to having sex with a living, breathing person. The only person it benefits is you, and the sex doll isn't going to be able to communicate with you. In short, it's nothing more than a masturbatory aid. You get practice by being with actual people and communicating with them. Sex is not very complicated. The only thing you really need to do to be good at sex is to focus on your partner. Figure out what makes them tick. If you are focused on your partner, you are not going to be a two pump chump. Just relax and go with it.
  7. No. Just, no.

    I feel like human beings have lost all sense of dignity and self-respect. Men are so afraid of rejection that they fuck dolls for practice?! lol. The biggest piece of what contributes to great sex is communication and that just so happens to be the piece your buddy is leaving out of the fucking equation.

  8. Mr.Chips

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    I don't think a person will be lost when he meets a real woman. So no, dulls or whatever are just masturbation.
  9. Castielle

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    Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking. Practicing sex on a doll could be completely useless depending on what woman you end up being with, because they are not all the same. They dont all like the same stuff. Also, how does he know if his "practice" is working? How does he even know if hes doing anything "right" when his fake partner cant respond? Personally, I think that's a lame excuse and hes kidding himself if he thinks what he is doing is useful "practice."

    Also, the thing about real relationships and real sex is that two people have a say. The problem with masturbation and using a sex doll or toy is that you are the only one in control and you get to do whatever the heck you want, and that's not how real sex works. So again, hes practicing all wrong. Hes practicing a situation that is never going to happen, because what if hes practicing some position or something that the next woman he is with doesnt like? What happens when she says "I dont want to do that, I want to do it this way instead"? That's how you end up with entitled men who get pissed off because they forgot that real women arent dolls who just lay there and let you do whatever you want. They get used to that, and they will likely start to treat women like objects as a result. Because that's what a sex doll is: an object.
  10. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Fapstronaut

    I just don't get women like that! lol
    Whats up with just laying there like a lifeless fish when its sexy time? Good thing I have not experienced being with a female like that. I'd be like wtf?!
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  11. elevate

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    People do all sorts of weird stuff with their penis.

    I guess it's no stranger than people hanging weights on them.

    Or people who hire escorts.

    It's all caused by the same thing. Fear of uncertainty. The fear of there being no guarantees in reality. The fear of possible pain, problems, and negative experiences. Fear of rejection. The need to control that uncertainty via removing the possibility of negative experiences (removing the uncertainty of trying to connect with another person).

    Do what you want, but eventually you'll have to let go of the practice doll if you want a real relationship and skills forged from real experiences (positive and negative ones).
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  12. I've experienced it way too many times. Some women feel like theyre doing you a favor by showing up.
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  13. alexander86

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    My advice is to maybe find a casual sex partner - that isn't the girl of your dreams.
    Someone who lack confidence also.. and that you get along with.
    You can practice together. And you can boost each-others confidence in the bedroom.
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  14. Mike Bonanno

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    I love your sense of humor. My hat is off to you Sir :D
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  15. phwrancesco

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    You don't need that. What you really need is to read about sex and women, know how women are made and how stimulate them properly.

    There are a lot of books on the topic, i suggest you "tao of sexology" and "tao of sexual wisdom".

    A doll is a doll, you don't master one damn skill with dolls, just keep making the same mistakes without any feedback.
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  16. My experience.

    I lost my ability to O from PIV due to my decade-long MOing habits.

    Sooo i quit porn, quit MO. My sensitivity started coming back gradually. And I thought, I know! I'll MO simulating sex to help myself re-learn it. I'll whack a couple pillows down, pop a penis sized object in me, imagine its a man and ride it without touching myself.

    It took a few tries but I did learn to O that way. Here's the kicker though.. I still cant O from actual sex. Haha. So now all masturbation is banned. Because if you're not conditioning yourself to sex with a real person, you're conditioning yourself wrong.
  17. Pinetree

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    I think it might be. Seems to be a method to train yourself.

    It's not about rejection, but about getting proper training and do your homework, before getting together with a girl. This is a sign of respect for the girl.

    The skill is about one's own body.
  18. Castielle

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    Very well said. A great summation.
  19. Castielle

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    Lol oh brother. Seriously? We are now to the point where we are deluding ourselves into believing we are screwing sex dolls because its "a sign of respect to women"? That might be the most nonsensical thing I've heard all day. A sign of respect to women would be asking them what they want and how they like to be pleased, not trying to figure it all out on your own and assuming girls will like it.
  20. No. No casual partners, no dolls. Find a girl that you love, and have sex with her once you're in love with her.

    If you want to increase your fitness and fine motor control go into dancing or combat sports or something rather than masturbating into a piece of plastic.
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