Using sex dolls for practice?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Elliot Argentum, Sep 23, 2018.

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    You completely missed my point.

    Which is that if you don't learn how your body works, and know how you can work with your body, you won't be able to respond properly to a woman's desire about how she wants to be pleased.

    Lately, I've been thinking that sex could be compared to dancing. Which is about sharing a music together, finding a rhythm of moving the bodies, connecting emotionally, etc.

    And if you're serious about dancing, and I was for about 3 years where I would be practicing ballroom dancing, you are going to do physical workout and also practice the steps and moves.
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    casual partner is fine, or you'll became one of those 30 years old virgin fapstronaut, and you really don't want that
  3. I did understand your point, I just disagree with it
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    regarding what you say is true or false, i can assure you that i mastered my sexual skills by doing nofap. i trusted the process and when i had sex for the first time in 4 years i had already mastered all i needed to master without even knowing it.
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    This thread made me chuckle a bit til I remembered of a low i reached during my darkest of days. I too used to be an owner of one of those well known "fake pussy" products a long time ago. Honestly i went through 2 of them cause i wore out one and threw out the other. Yes i totally wore one out, i mean i was hitting the PMO the hardest at that time and cranking out several times a day til nothing came out anymore. Ordered the second and continued for a short time until i kinda woke up. Woke up to the fact that im screwing a fake pussy for one, and the overstimulation i was inflicting upon myself. I somehow knew what I was doing was really bad for me and made the choice to get rid of it. My point is just dont do it. Many people on this feed have voiced tons of good reasons not to go there, and wanted to share a similar experience of why you shouldn't go there....period.....just don't
    Ps. Your friend has got some balls admitting to you that he screws a sex never tell a single soul if thats what i was doin
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    There's 2 things here:
    1. Different things work for different people.

    2. Different people need to master different things
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    That is so crazy that it might work!

    These sex dolls look so realistic they might have the same physiological effect on a man's brain as a woman. Maybe even good enough to rewire.
    I read that some customers of these dolls have abuse history and the dolls help them move to real women.

    As for practicing with the doll as if it was a dummy: I don't know if sex is complicated enough to justify a "training dummy". Sounds like a creative excuse to own such an item. Not that there is anything wrong with it.
  8. Pinetree

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    For the record, I don't own a sex doll, never did. At least not yet, but there's no need to get all close up and personal about this :p
  9. Pinetree

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    Lol, you didn't hurt my feelings, no worries there.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :emoji_joy::emoji_joy::emoji_joy::emoji_joy:
  11. Earlier this year I purchased a sex toy which basically was a woman's midsection and butt with two holes in it. That cost like $300. This thing was so disappointing and boring. Then a couple months later I started NoFap and threw the toy away. And when you're talking about full, life-size sex dolls, you're talking about thousands of dollars. Think about the money you will be spending on these and if it will be worth it or if you will regret it. I wish I had that $300 back to spend on other things, like buying a kayak for example. I have tried a Fleshlight before (also threw that out, another almost $100 wasted), and I am told that is a good way to masturbate without using a "death grip", and I can see how. So if you are not totally against masturbation forever and ever, that could be an option
  12. I cringe when I think of all the money I’ve wasted on sex toys, cam gals, sex sites, sex theatres, computers specifically bought to search for internet porn faster. Yikes. All gone forever. I just have to learn from past mistakes and move on.
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  13. Yes, good points. With the toy I bought, cleaning it was probably the worst thing about it. Because after you have your "fun" with it, you get that immediate "icky" guilt/shame feeling for having used it, plus it wasn't that good anyways, and then on top of that now you have to clean it while in this guilt/shame state of mind. What a horrible experience. And then the other point about disposing of something so large when you don't want it any more. I triple-bagged it in garbage bags so nobody could determine what it was by its shape, then hauled it to the dumpster under cover of night. Truly an embarrassment and humiliation. These things are worse than the plague
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    Hi guys, I also started to use a sex doll, which I bought from I was bored and wanted to experiment, it is a really good thing. For a start I bought an inflatable one, but it feels like I stick my dick in a package, I did not liked. Then, I bought another more expensive made of silicone. She has long black hair and big breasts, how I like. I love to masturbate first and then climb on her, it turns me on. The material is delicate and of high quality and it is easy to clean.
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    I think it will only make it worst.
    Humans are imperfect by nature and the "perfect woman" does not exist. Furthermore sex is messy and a little smelly/sweaty ect. But having sex with a piece of rubber is sterile and almost too perfect.
    If you get used to sex dolls I feel that you will just be making it harder to have real sex. A sex doll can be customised and doesn't have any of the normal human flaws. Which is basically the same as porn, it will create an unrealistic image of sex in your head and then if you sleep with a real woman you won't be able to get hard.
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    I did, why not. I can sound cringe, but girls love when the buyer is experienced in sex, and practicing on a sex doll is a good idea. You can easily find a real live sex doll on the Internet and buy one and practice till you become a sex professional. But yes, it's better to have sex with a real girl, that's for sure it's harder but better, and also beside practicing you can watch some videos about sex, there are tons of videos like that on YouTube, simply try that.
  17. If you use a sex doll and there's nothing physically wrong with you, then you are simply pathetic and avoiding reality.

    You consensually have the real thing or you learn to go without it, or you masterbate healthily, a sex doll is simply sad and pathetic if there's nothing physically wrong with you.

    Not to mention a sex doll totally warps reality and expectations and if anything helps already messed up men view women as less than human.

    It's deranged, sick, pathetic and everything else that's wrong.

    If you've got a friend using a sex dollar then be a good friend and help them get the help they need before it escalates into something worse.
  18. TheGreatTiger

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    Your friends a genius.

    It would be the equivalent of practicing fighting with a punching bag.

    You could build up moves, stamina, and cardio. It could be a good cardio workout to stay in shape as well.

    Obviously having a real partner will give you better practice, just like having a sparing partner is better than just a punching bag. With a real partner you get the added benefit of working on your empathy and learning what they like and don't like by how they react. But just like a sparing partner, it's not an option every minute of the day unless you're lucky which is why things like punching bags exist.

    Oh, and don't orgasm unless you want to loose your health, vitality, testosterone levels, etc. etc.

    The downside is many people will think it's super weird, and if a girl finds one in your house she might stop talking to you. And if any friends find it they might be uncomfortable around you, and if the neighbors see a big box like that, they might suspect something.

    The other thing is if your concern is attracting women, then being good in bed won't help you. It's better to focus on improving your looks. If your concern is keeping a woman around... well then you already have a woman to be with, so just pay more attention to what she specifically enjoys (all women are different).

    The other down side is costs. So overall, some benefits, some costs, opportunity costs, depends on what you want.
  19. That's sick - I practiced on women, using a doll is sad and pathetic.

    Surely this is a parody

    fucking more deranged thing I’ve ever read comparing a sex doll to a punching bad
  20. TheGreatTiger

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    That's rude of you.

    An analogy is a comparison for the purpose of explanation, it doesn't mean every association you have between the two will transfer over. I clarified it by saying how the two are similar.

    Maybe it will help if you try to understand what other people are saying before making snap emotional associations, lashing out, straw-manning, and belittling other people's contributions.

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