Using sexual energy for manifestation?

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  1. Ok, so according to the Law of Attraction everything is energy and frequency. Thoughts become things. All we have to do is imagine things we want as if we would already have them. The universe will deliver them to us.

    If we combine that visual image with feelings then it is so much more powerful than just visualization alone without feelings.

    Sexual energy is supposedly the root energy of all creation. It is the ultimate creative energy. The ultimate vibrational frequency. It is also very intense feeling.

    When we feel and visualize things in our head we send our thoughts to etheric plane. That etheric plane of existence is a medium of communication between you and universe. It's like the internet connection of cosmic consciousness. It can also be used as a medium of communication between dead spirits and other entities, just as internet can be used to either access information or communicate between people.

    If we would use the arousal (sexual energy) during masturbation or sex we could manifest things. All we have to do is masturbate or have sex and during that visualize what we want in life, as if we already have it. For example masturbating and edging but instead of visualizing porn one would visualize tons of money or a nice house you want to get. Imagine it as if you would be already living in it, combine it with the intense feeling of arousal. Then it will active the Law of Attraction and you will be presented with opportunities for business, money making, etc.

    We must not finish with ejaculation because then Chi energy is released from the body and connection to etheric plane is lost, and high vibration is lost. It's like losing internet connection because of lack of electricity. So universe can no longer receive your manifestation requests.

    I think this is partly why magical female attraction happens on long semen retention streak. People who do not ejaculate rise their vibration and get horny due to it, then they think of sexual images and women (sexual fantasies), it sends signal to universe and so universe activates Law of Attraction and starts pulling women towards you.

    Always when we have sexual fantasies we visualize them as we would be there doing that stuff. That combined with intense feeling of it (energy) sends signal to activate the Law of Attraction.

    Usually people who practice the Law of Attraction use gratitude as a source of energy to power connection to etheric plane. But I think sexual energy of arousal is way more powerful than energy generated by feeling of gratefulness.

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    Sounds like you know The Secret.
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  3. Totally agree - GOALS!
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  4. Sex would work too...

    You have to have some means of becoming very aroused physically without using sexual fantasies or images. Because sexual fantasies and images (porn) drain your energy into the etheric plane.

    If you visualize yourself having sex through fantasies then it might help you attract sexual partner, but it will come at cost of draining some of your energy. You want your energy to be drained; all the manifestation drains some energy. But you want it to be drained towards manifestation of making money and other success. Of course unless you want to manifest sexual partner, in which case fantasizing is allowed and might be enough to get your sexual energy high without touching yourself.

    If you drain your energy through watching porn (which = other people having sex, you jerking off alone) then you will only manifest more of you jerking off alone. So if you use fantasies to manifest sexual partner be careful to imagine that you are having sex from first person perspective.

    If you are on long semen retention streak you would have tons of sexual energy stored anyways. Witch increases manifestation ability by itself, as compared to using the Law of attraction while releasing semen, like most people do. Even if you do not heat that sexual energy up it's still powerful.
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  5. By the way, gratitude should be used also even while high on sex/masturbation because it just makes it so much more powerful to combine energy of gratitude with sexual energy. Like I said above: gratitude is less powerful than sexual energy for manifestation. That is true if you use either one or another. But ideally you would use combination of both.
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  6. I have used sexual energy in high arousal to manifest. I like to discuss it with those that also believe but I don’t like being mocked or ridiculed. If anyone wants to have a private group discussion.
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    That's a very interesting theory, never thought about sexual energy to 'increment' the charge. Do you recommend any book about this specifically? Would like to read more
  8. It is indeed a technique, which can be used to manifest or change things. I will not describe it here, but the whole idea of "sex magic" is built around this.

    My personal theory is, that the "rising tension" of the sexual pressure forces our personal reality to produce a physical reaction and answer to that tension, if we deny to unload it in any random orgasms.

    I do not comment on this whole "Law of Attraction/Secret" stuff, because it is in my opinion just a NewAge tea brewed from older magical/esoterical ideas, to sell books/movies for the mass market. Generally the idea of gratitude is a positive energy and attitude in my opinion, that will enable people in their personal life, if they do practice it daily. Just being seriously grateful for your daily food, your health, people, your possibilities and ressources is a good prevention against any bitterness, envy, anger and narrow thinking.

    Sex energy is one of the most powerful ressources and physical motivations the human body is able to produce by itself. It´s the life energy, if you call it Chi, the steam that makes the machine moving forward. My last remark on this is, that any manipulation of this energy has to be handled with care.
    As more you have experienced the potential power of this, as more responsibility comes with it, for not abusing it. A true embrace and union in love is not a controlled and strictly disciplined one, to "produce" any personal results. The discipline and forced control will probably spoil this union then and might degrade it to an "exercise of control" just to get anything out of it, instead celebrating and enjoying the love with the other.
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    The universe does not necessarily deliver to you everything that you want, there is lower will which is yours and higher will which is divine will.

    If you desire to wipe out the entire creation it goes against higher will and you cannot do that, even your higher self can block particular desires of yours.

    Also, all those new age beliefs are on a lower truth, like vivekananda said, man does not go from error to truth, man goes from lower truth to higher truth.

    Yes you can manifest with thoughts, but let me ask you, do you appreciate more when someone thinks about you or when someone calls you and asks you how are you feeling? the universe cares more about your actions then your thoughts. As above so below

    Manifesting solely with thoughts is incredibly hard, forget about this law of attraction , only a true yogi/gnani can manifest effortlessly without physical action.

    The same ones promoting the law of attaction, such as jerry hicks, joe vitale, they took massive action, go look and quantify their efforts, its hardly by thoughts alone.

    Also if you check the background of any of those LAO promoters, they have a very shady background.

    Manifesting with sexual energy is not the best thing you can do, you are literally wasting your body by letting the flow of ojas out.

    The theory of gratitude doesnt sense, even when things go horribly "wrong" to me, I am grateful for it, knowing that the divine made all perfect.
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    So instead of wanking to porn, just wank to cash or a nice house?
    Jk yeah the law of attraction and nofap/semen retention deffo go hand in hand
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    This. Every time I see/hear someone talk about law of attraction, all I can think is why not just start practising magick.

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