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    Of late, I've been experimenting with purely spiritual methods to heal myself faster from the after-effects of wet dreams-- which itself is an after-effect of not ejaculating as often as one used to-- and I can say that the spiritual methods greatly speed up rebooting process. The concept is this: there are seven spinning energy vortexes or chakras in the human body. For optimum health, these vortexes should be spinning at the same normal rate, else there is bound to be some sort of discomfort in the human body. So by aligning your energy vortexes or making them spin at the normal rate, you can gradually, but greatly reduce the symptoms of porn addiction withdrawal overtime. This is the knowledge I wish I had when I first started rebooting so am now giving it to my fellow brothers. So here is how it works, just download this book for a detailed explanation of spinning up your vortexes: The Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder. Free and easy to download and practice. I've attached it to this thread so you can easily download it.

    Also, while studying spirituality, I got to know that sounds have several effects on the human body, therefore, can also be utilize for the purpose of healing. The healing sound am going to recommend works in the same way I've explained above, which is aligning your chakras or energy centers (vortexes). I recommend this: 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up by Jonathan Black. You'll find it using google search.

    I addition, I very highly recommend this all important thread: It contains all the important information you'll need about healing faster during recovery. Thank you

    Pls this post was hastily written, bear with me.

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    Update (31st January 2020): I've stumbled on a bigger solution than the one I outlined above. Its called Subliminal Messaging Audios. The second is called Frequency. For the sake of this post, I'll be focusing more on the later. I'll first explain how frequencies work.

    Nikola Tesla once said: "if you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". Science has proven that everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency. That also includes all the organs in your body. Disease is when a particular organ or whatever in your body starts vibrating at a different rate/frequency other than its original/supposed frequency. What does this have to do with nofap? Well, most of us here have brains that have been 'fried' from excessive PMO. During the process of recovery, our brains try to get back to the normal pattern before PMO took over. Our brains will normally do this naturally, but for some of us, it takes months or years. Using frequency, you can restore your dopamine receptors and your brain's neurotransmitters to its normal functioning. At a much faster rate.

    On youtube, there is this guy called Sapien Medicine. The guy is so good at what he does- doing frequency videos for healing and other stuff like being wealthy and prosperous. Another guy called Quadible Integrity does the same thing. Both are very popular on youtube. Some of their videos generate more than a million views. Since using their videos, I've made such huge recovery that its difficult to imagine where I would have been in the recovery process without such videos. Guess what? they even have frequencies for semen retention and energy transmutation! So here are the particular audios that might help you: "Brain Regeneration (Morphic and Energetic Programming) Experimental" By Sapien Medicine. USE TWICE/THRICE A DAY ONLY!!!. Note: I no longer use this because I overused it in the first few days, which probably led to it having the opposite effect whenever I used it after that period. Thats why I insist that you don't overuse.
    Another one: "Kidney Regeneration (Energetically Programmed Audio)" By Sapien Medicine. USE THRICE A DAY ONLY!!!.
    Third one: "SEMEN_RETENTION_-_ENERGY_TRANSMUTATION_FORMULA_-_NO_FAP_-_REGAIN_YOUR_LIFE_FORCE!_QUADIBLE_INTEGRITY" By Quadible Integrity. Note: I recently started using this and I use this once or twice a day, just before going to bed at night and in the morning when I normally get boners! Infact, I only listen when I feel that I have too much sexual energy in me (mostly to get rid of wet dreams. So far non has occurred, but its just been 2 days since I started using so lets watch).

    I also use subliminals that have the healing frequency 432hz, like often.

    In addition, I still use my chakra tune up and meditation audios everyday. Sometimes, I also like to transmute my sexual energy the 'archaic' way (the 6th Tibetan Rite way) bcos I just feel that it has more healing benefits than Quadible's energy transmutation formula (i think his frequency transmutes the energy to physical success...idk).

    Love you guys. Bye!!
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    Sounds like you are an advanced recovery plan. Eastern disciplines can be effective, I like Gandhi's teachings on health, he wrote a health guide. Also Bible reading and practice can be helpful. You will reap what you sow.

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