Using spy cameras to record sex partners

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by derobe, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Why would you being a porn actor be better ?
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  2. I dont know really, but as I think of it, it does not cause the typical ”watching what you will never get” depressing feeling lots of people feel when watching P.

    Not that P is ever good, but IMO it sounds less bad.
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    I’m kinda intrigued man. No wrong answer with me. Just speak your point and defend its merits it’s cool. lol.

    I have often wondered if porn actors avoid watching porn—-maybe as some kind of principled stance on valuing “their work or not supporting the competition...” haha.

    Of course I never stopped to consider they could only watch their OWN porn then justify it since they are in it! Lol.
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    I hear your point.
    I think the point of being a moderator is not to sound like a looney toon character when we disagree.
    Remember moderators are fellow adddicts in recovery.
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  5. You're correct the lunatics in charge of the asylum
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    Lol I was not saying that... instead suggesting that when moderators are hyper -vigilant it tapers lively discussion. I saw only one thread here that received sanction ... that OP is still bitter but his tone Got sanctioned when it was perceived as homophobia.

    This thread is not militant — in my reading ; I would say. Guy is a little off his rocker sure— but going off with obscenities as you did wouldn’t be my suggested course of action.
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    Don't do it. Invasion of privacy, perverted also. It's not worth it and if I'm not mistaken it's illegal in many countries.
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    It seems like you're breaching a trust with the women you sleep with by doing this. How many of them would have agreed to be filmed if asked. I'm sure some of them, but not all.
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    I'm sure this would be illegal. Also without consent of someone I dont think it would be at all right
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  10. cleaningupmyact

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    1. Please dont shame OP, this is not helpful. They are opening an important discussion topic for their recovery.

    2. Trophies of this sort will only kill your recovery, your happiness, and your soul. It will just be more P saved up on a hard drive you'll crave later, watch, jerkoff, and then when the dopamines gone guess what? You realize youre all alone, depressed, violating someones privacy and even objectifying yourself.

    3. Like with all P, you will cling to a static image of the past, unreal, fake, and never progress to your better future self (stronger and more connected).

    4. This is most certainly illegal. If you get caught (which can happen through hacking, not just you sharing) you will face hefty consequences.

    5. You are doing something wrong, which you already know. It's just the P brain tricking you into thinking "its ok if no one knows." You are really hurting yourself worst of all.

    6. If you do end up getting caught you will be labelled a sex offender most likely, among other things, which will kill any chance you have of real, connected, meaningful sex in your life.

    7. You will regret it, it will only feed your dopamine levels while you build a "winter supply" like all P stashes. You will feel way worse in the long run and wont be able to reap the benefits of nofap.
  11. You are right in so many ways man.

    I van relate as I like I mentioned used to take photos of my gf and for short moments have those photos uploaded to a website where others with my fetish used to chat etc.
    I got a rush hearing others tell me things about her looks, things I didnt dare telling her myself at the time.

    Like you said, one day OP Will wake up and feel like shit, just like I did, wich made me tell my GF about it all and quit my behaviour (and all pmo too!)

    This had a happy ending as she was very understanding and forgiving, today we are engaged and its all in the past, but I would never ever do it again.. And what I did wasnt during sex, there were no spy cam set ups, face wasnt showing and I would never save or keep the e photos i mentioned, and thats why she didnt make it a big deal.

    So OP, depending on how your "partners" think of it, it could be a criminal act.
    If you aim too have sex with strangers from a night out or such and record it they would probably not be forgiving if they found out.

    My intention was always to hear others tell me how much they liked my GFs looks, your intention is to keep a stash and use it to JO in the future as it seems, it wont sound good when you have to explain it to them.
    I was like 21 - 22, you are 28.
    I had the balls to tell her and man the hell up, do you?

    Just please OP, its not a good idea and it could make them girls feel abused as it seems you are a complete stranger to them, just wanting to record the act.

    Its not what you want, its what your so called porn brain wants.
    Get an AP to help you stay away from P for a while and these ideas will fade :)
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  12. derobe

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    Thanks for all your comments. I'm replying to this one as each point is a valid and good reason for me to change.

    As you will notice I have wider issues than just porn.. using and degrading women and a lack of respect for women, in general, has been a problem for me. This stems from my exposure as a child growing up, lack of attention/love and also my poor relationships with my mother likely to be an issue.

    I deleted all the videos of girls I have (which were consented to) apart from the ones with my current girlfriend which I will make a decision on soon.

    I would in no way now consider setting up spy cameras and that is primarily because of these comments. It's sad it came to me having to post this as a last resort before I considered going ahead.

    We are living in dangerous times. As young men we are encouraged to be promiscuous, even women encourage it, they love the idea of a player... as long as they aren't a victim to one. This has consequences not just for your partners though (often whom you will have to manipulate into thinking you actually care about them and aren't seeing them as a pleasurable experience) For me it came with porn addiction and lying and damaging the lives of others, which I am not proud of and has had an effect on my own wellbeing which I have had professional help with and still continue to analyse.

    Best wishes.
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  13. Well done man!! :)

    You just won, your porn brain lost!

    Thank you for letting us guide you, dont be too hard on yourself in the future, you have stopped yourself and you are going to grow a lot mentally from this choice!
  14. phwrancesco

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    Really really creepy. Maybe...tell the girls first, they may like it. In that case it's good.
  15. youliveyoulearn

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    It's a fetish.

    I already know what your brain thinks "I will use the video to masturbate on later and get my dopamine dose way easier than actually having sex, let's do it, sounds intriguing".
  16. DeepParkWater

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    Thats illegal im pretty sure and another addiction waiting to happen. If youre trying to remove your addictions doing that sounds like a terrible idea
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  17. userSCP

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    You should watch Flatliners (1990) with Kevin Bacon. There is a character, who films like this in the movie (with consequences).
    imdb: tt0099582
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    Remember this: the only way to avoid a photo or video from leaking into the internet is not making it. Web is flooded with leaked photos and videos of girls and it's not always their boyfriends consensually uploading them. You will get hacked, your next girlfriend will find them, some girl will spot the hidden camera, your friend using your computer will find them. Or at some point while jacking off and being way too horny you'll share them with someone to brag or get off together and will regret it soon after but it will be too late.
  19. If you’re serious about recovery I’d highly suggest trying to work on understanding yourself. Women are human beings, and as you get farther along in recovery you’re going to stop objectifying them.

    This addiction is so self-centred.

    Imagine for a second that someone secretly videotaped your mother or sister having sex without their knowledge. That guy never uploaded the videos online because he’s not a jerk.. he just used them for his own pleasure. Does that make it any better? Who’s to say that someone doesn’t stop by his house (a friend for example) and copies the videos without that guys knowledge then uploads them online. Your mother and sister are now out there in Pornland for countless men to watch.

    What about mirrors? Why not put your bed against a wall of mirrors so you could watch from different angles while having sex?

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