Valentine's Day has always been the loneliest time of year for me

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. I don't know exactly why. I've been single for 6 years now, but I have been single for every valentine's day. I was actually considering walking to the bar up the street last night to get drunk with some crazy notion of getting laid.
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  2. Infrasapiens

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    Don't do that. There are probably organ harvesters waiting for lonely people to get drunk on Valentine's Day.

    Do what I do, nothing.
  3. The number of people like you is crazy. Why do you feel lonely? For not having a girlfriend? You don't need a girlfriend bro. You want a girlfriend but you don't actually need one. In the life of a man, women are just bonus alright? It should never be your main priority. Your main priority should be yourself and your goals. So if you feel lonely about that, fix yourself first. If you had your priorities straight, you wouldn't care about having a girlfriend or not during one stupid day whose sole purpose is commercial. You have the right to feel lonely. But you don't have the right to complain about it. If you don't want to feel lonely anymore, there are many solutions out there. And getting laid will not solve your loneliness problem. Having sex without emotions is useless and it might make things even worse.
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    When you fix all your problems, there will be sleepless nights reminding you of your loneliness, there will be days you have this sudden waves of emptiness driving home, expecting nothing. And It subliminally hurts you deeply, profoundly. I understand hi feelings since I have been through the same. You may get to avoid these feelings by working out, developing yourself but they will hit you somedays. I am told that they are only temporary and I do wish they were temporary.
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  5. Fullyawake

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    Seeing others on the phone setting up dates and carrying flowers.....

    Knowing they’ll be having sex later that night.

    It drives me insane.
  6. moulox

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    Objectively you are not wrong but sadly though, for me and plenty of other people in here, the cirqumstances are quite different from the generic life advice. All of my friends are too tied up with their families to spend time with me and most of new ones that I've met fall into the same ways. And worst of all, pied can't be overcome without a girlfriend. So naturally one thinks that meeting a girl will help to solve these problems. I agree that being dependant on one person has many dangers lurking further down the road but I frankly see no other way for myself too.
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  7. I always end up being single on Valentine's Day, lol. It's a very lonely day. Although it's just another day, it's shoved in our faces everywhere. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes.
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    At my last employer, all my coworkers wanted to do when they got off work was play video games. I couldn't even crack a joke with them to save their lives in the office. The only way I actually ever talked to them was through texting services on my phone. It's disgusting, honestly.

    I've learned to be my own company almost all my life. And while that is a strength, I do sometimes wish I could find other people who just...want to talk.
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  9. I fully understand it's a commercial gig, but it still makes me lonely and jealous. Sometimes it hits me hard, others not so much.

    By the way, I talked myself out of walking over to the bar. Solely because it was just too frigid out. And I was not about to drive and risk my first DUI
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    None of the women I’ve ever slept with even talked about flowers. You’re getting jealous of the guy that’s going to go on some lame dinner date and cry into his pillow that night.
  11. im a 25 year old virgin, and i hoped i would spend it with a girl i met on Tinder. She ghosed me two weeks before, never to be seen again
  12. \
  13. 500 days no porn masturbation. I wonder how did you orgasm then if you are 25 and virgin.
  14. ah my bad. i need to chnge my badge. to clear it up, i only ejaculate in wet dreams
  15. 500 days of No pmo and no luck with women? Gosh!... Guys doing this for women attraction are in for a real wakeup. @Andhira
  16. PMO was never the problem in my case

    they sure are. jfl if you think nofap is gonna help. so many guys PMO reguraly and get laid too

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