Value of human life according to conspiracy theorists

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  1. Hi,

    I recently stumbled upon on a conspiracy theorist forum called GodLikeProductions. I quickly found out it is a cesspool of selfish, cynical, evil people. But their way of thinking is very strange. Predominantly a left hand path or Satanic sort of thinking, they think they are the most important individually and everyone else can die they couldn’t give a rat’s backside. According to them stupid people or people that aren’t like them should be culled and left to die as they are a burden on the gene pool, and only the most powerful (intelligent, violent, ruthless) people should survive. According to their way of thinking everyone is out for themselves and if you’re stupid enough to be taken advantage of you deserve everything that’s coming to you. I am convinced they all have antisocial personality disorder. Only someone with disordered thinking can think in this way. A lack of empathy. They think that all “undesirables” especially black people, Biden supporters, leftist and LGBTIQ should be eradicated.

    What causes people turn to such evil? Leaving the politics aside, if society does breakdown due to COVID-19 as they are constantly discussing, is that evil way of thinking what will keep these conspiracy theorists alive in a crisis situation? Is it worth it to their damaged “conscience” if they survive, even if it means doing inhuman things and losing their humanity (if they are even human right now)?
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    You are a thinker. So many men think superficially.
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    I heard a podcast one time and the host said that people are never the enemy, but things affecting people to make those decisions are the things we have to fight against. It was a Christian podcast, so his take was that the spiritual forces of evil are the enemy, not the people they are affecting.

    When he said it it hit pretty hard for me. I think people, though they can be so different, are all valuable, and all need to be loved. I wish I thought that way all the time, I feel hypocritical typing it but I do agree with it. I've been the hater before too though.
  4. Thanks. Being a thinker is dangerous today.
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    This is what happens when people fail to take responsibility for their own lives, usually as a result of learned helplessness and other trauma. They turn on the world and say that it is the world that is evil, and they have plenty of evidence to confirm this. They create a confirmation bias in which the seek out evidence to support their beliefs in an evil, hostile world. This causes them to become cynical and hateful themselves because of that lack of self-awareness or self-efficacy to change. They are blind to how their worldviews are creating more hate.

    This is a very complicated issue, and what I just described isn't even 1% of 1% of the total explanation. All you can do is focus on making yourself more self-aware and self-efficacious. Change begins with yourself. Be a source peace, love, and harmony in the world.
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    How true! I hope your day goes well
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    Every human life is valuable, they aren't completely wrong though...
    I mean I can definetly agree with this
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  8. Psychopath, paedophile and terrorist lives don't matter.
  9. Life of every human does matter, i think people fear change or anything different from what they think is normal, we all are selfish and we want to keep it that way if we are in the dominant group,so people discriminate. If we are subjugating someone for being different than that is inhumanity.
    But this does not mean we can tolerate crime, whether criminal is from majority or minority, that is a different issue, if someone is a rapist or terrorist than that person should be punished, but capital punishment is again a controversial option, there is no proof that crime has reduced because of capital punishment.

    But again this kind of polarity and differences have always been there and will be for long time. Covid is making situation more worse. We can just hope for situations to improve and i believe our lives , time moves like a sinusoidal wave, there are ups and downs, if this is what we consider as a down then it will change.
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    A life of a pedo or an terrorist or an maniac is not valuable

    Love your enemies not the weaked !
  11. Sosuke Aizen

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    No. Some lives are indeed more valuable than others.

    Which ones are less valuable, you ask? Answer that on your own when you're on a sinking ship with limited lifeboats.

    There is no morality to be injected into this discussion in the first place.
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    Wow..... seems like a quote the Nazi party would say....
  13. thinking_differently

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    Depends on the situation.
    Like in the Covid situation, when particular countries have faced an acute shortage of beds in the hospitals it’s better to give preference to the youngster’s who are going to make another generation of people, work for the country.

    There will of course, be different classifications for determining the value of people’s life depending on the situation and the consequences that shall follow.

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