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    I am been addicred.since six years. After a point, on 5th year I started experience little pain in the penis after masturbating twice a day.
    - after masturbating, i had the urge to pee everytime and soon it became a habit. I did that to avoide stickiness and rinsed rhe cum through pee. As no natter how much i rinsed with water, some cum wouwo remain underneath and I discovered only pee coukc rinse it completely.
    - I started developing frequency in my urine .Slowly, my urine frequency doubled and I had to go at least 12 times a day.
    - After masturbating, I had to pee for twife or thrice in rhe same period. It was like I just peed, put water and washed my legs, and now I again have the urge to pee .
    - I decided to quit. My max abstainance was 4-5 days. And I noticed that now, whenever I didn't masturbate, my urine frequency was normal again.
    - I again got into fapping, without bothering about this issue. After a few months, I started developing bladder pain.
    - also, i forgot to tell, i developed PE problems. Max time is 15 seconds.
    - One night, it became unbearable and I decided to visit my urologisr the nene morning itself.


    - Due to scaredness of my father, I didn't tell him about my masturbation. I just said I had frequent urination and bladder pain. He examined me and asked me to do certain tests - urine sample, blood test routine, a test where you piss and they see the flow of urine through machine, scanning of bladder and testes.
    - after seeing all my reports, he said everything was normal and fine, except ine thing. He said I had some varicocele (idk what that means). He asked me to semen analysis as he was scared for me to be impotent or sperm count or testosterone levels to be low.
    - i collected semen sample and he said, sperm count was also normal and no issues.


    - he gave me a medicine to cutc frequency and flow of urine, which was pathetic. I didntd tell him, but subtly asked him. "I just masturbate few times. Is it because of thst?" He brushed me off and acted as if I was a superstitious fool .He told me to return after 10 days ciurse of urine medicine, and then he'd give check me again fir varicocele.


    I decided to take no medicatikns until i finish 90 days nofap and check myself. My highest streak is 18 days. But the urine problek still is there and bladder pain is gone.

    Should i visit doctor and tell him truth? Or should i wait for 90 days? I didntd say I have PE problems also . Will my PE go away due to nofap? Is waiting worth it? Or I should visit him ince again?

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    Typically I would say that it's always better to tell your doctor the whole truth (easier said than done) because if they don't have all the facts, it's hard to make a proper diagnosis. If you do see a doctor again, tell him what you just told us - that when you stop masturbating your urine frequency is normal and the bladder pain goes away.

    That said, and since you did just say that everything is fine when you don't M, what I would do in your case, is really dedicate myself to NoFap. If you have done 1 day, and especially if you have done 18, then you can do 90.

    If the bladder pain and urine frequency comes back despite not doing M, then definitely go see a doctor and tell him about your concerns with masturbation.

    Lastly, I have no clue what varicocele is. Do your self a favour and do some research so that you understand what it is. That will really help guide your decision about whether to go back to your doctor or not.
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  3. I was on variccole surgery, its problem because this shit increase warm in testicales and possible kill your potency.
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    Hows it now? Should i go for a surgery if in case requited? Are there any side effects?
  5. That depends, varicocele have categories 1-2 usualy dont need surgery 3 and more required surgery because pain in testicales mostly in left side.After surgery i dont feel pain anymore but i have azospermie wich means basically blank sperm.i hope you got point my english is bad sry.
  6. Here is a video explaining the problem and what they would do in surgery.

    It's presented in the form of animation, so no real testicles/penises are seen...

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    Hi guys, this thread scared the hell out of Me. I seriously do not think I will ever practice this Shit ever again. Fuck mah! I have also experienced the minimalistic signs of this a mass of varicose (veins in the spermatic cord) Such as Very little pain in the tesicals after edging and Acute Pain when urinating which usually comes at around 60 days of No PMO to me.

    Thank you so much for this guys. I love You Guys.
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    Did it get better now?

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