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    Hello guys! Who have been done a vasectomy? Share your story in brief please.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Haven't done a vasectomy. Anyone else here had a Vasectomy ?


    A vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed on males in which the vas deferens (tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the seminal vesicles) are cut, tied, cauterized (burned or seared) or otherwise interrupted. The semen no longer contains sperm after the tubes are cut, so conception cannot occur. The testicles continue to produce sperm, but they die and are absorbed by the body.
    The purpose of this operation is to provide reliable contraception. Research indicates that the level of effectiveness is 99.6%. Vasectomy is the most reliable method of contraception."

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    I’ve had one done about 6 mo ago. Already having two kids a boy and a girl I feel it’s the best decision I ever made. However, when they lay you down on that table and put that sheet of paper over you with a hole in the middle for your balls shit gets real. Some guys say it’s nothing but my experience was horrible. They start by injecting anesthetic in your scrotum which is very very painful. I felt the injections all the way up in my chest. Then they cut a small hole in your sack which you don’t feel cause your numb. Then they stick a tiny hook in and fish out your vas. They do that to both of them then stitch you up. I was sore for about two weeks then I was good to go. In my 4th day of recovery I went and started reading post vasectomy horror stories. That mixed in with the abusing the pain meds was a huge mistake, but once I figured out the problem I was good to go.
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    Especially hearing the above description, I can’t advocate mutilating yourself. Unfortunately I’ve known several who went through the procedure.

    I think it leads to objectifying the woman/women you’re with.
  5. I had one early and recently reversed it. It was the worst decision I ever made and would strongly advise against it. The reversal has so far been unsuccessful. I may not have children again. It was rooted in selfishness which ironically is exactly why porn use is so damaging. To give oneself entirely to another in sex is to include your fertility. Its a part of you and it shouldn't be restricted. There is no reason I can think of good enough to voluntarily alter yourself in this way. I would advise against it and consider the alternatives that are less permanent and invasive.
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    Would you care to explain what you mean by that? How would getting a vasectomy cause you to objectify your partner?
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    So is your regret due to changing your kind about not wanting kids? Do you have any regrets outside of that? Like if you still felt you 100% don't want kids, so you think you would still regret it?
  8. It's definitely regret at not being able to have kids. I don't really accept the idea that you can be 100% sure that you don't want kids. Think of how many ideas you have had that you felt 100% sure of and later changed your thinking of. Most of them don't require a huge physical alteration. There are also risks for life long pain that most people won't tell you about. Setting aside religious reasons (which I don't want to preach about in this post), I don't have a ton more points other then if there are other options. If there are other options why pick the one that is most permanent and expensive to reverse?
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    Well, there are plenty of reasons why.

    Also, I definitely know people who have had vasectomies and not regretted it. I think at some point you kind of can know that you're past the age of wanting more kids, especially if you already have several kids.
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  10. That may all be true, but I would still advise against it.
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    IMO and remember opinions are like assholes everybody’s got them, but IMO if your happily married and you already have kids and your looking for a form of birth control you can’t beat it. Heck even if I wasn’t happily married but still had the two kids boy and girl I’d still get it done just because I can’t afford anymore. Also I like the idea of being able to dedicate my time equally between the two I feel another kid would complicate that. I had it done on a Friday, and I was back to work on Monday. Whole thing only cost me 500 bucks.
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  12. I had a friend who had that done after he got a girlfriend pregnet , he told me that it was painful and wonders about it I also know of a friend of my dads who had it and it failed and his wife got pregnet he had a test done it was his
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  13. Bottomofthemap

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    Your supposed to wait a few months, and have your seman tested multiple times before you just jump back in. In rare cases it is possible for the vas to re attach itself but it’s very rare. As for pain yea it was painful but mostly just mentally uncomfortable. If anyone’s trying to talk their self out of getting one go read mypostvasectomypain online. If your not trying to talk yourself out of don’t go read that stuff you’ll never get one if you do. NEVER
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  14. My dads friend who I mentioned had the vasectomy 4 years before his current wife got pregtnet when he was married to his first wife had a divorce and remarried , my friend from work had it done 20 years ago and never had any problems except he told it was painful for about a week after. as far as getting a vasectomy it I am for it my family member had a kid at 48 and then got divorced nothing but problems with the ex since
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    This is an interesting thread. It's nice to hear different perspectives. My husband is probably going to have one at some point, but I'm not sure if and when that will happen.
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  16. For those men who have gotten one... What exactly was the need for this method? Too expensive to maintain other contraceptive methods? Partners unwilling or unable to get tubal ligation, use the pill, diaphragm, etc? Was it purely your decision? No pressure from spouses, ex wives, girlfriends? Was the thought of more children just too frightening or was there medical reasons that risked the life of the spouse? Just curious...

    I wish I had chosen differently, but I didn't want to share myself. My time, my money, my energy. I thought I could predict the future and make the perfect life where I decided every outcome. This is clearly not everyone's thinking, but it was mine and I'm ashamed of the pain I put everyone in my life through because of it. It was a selfish time in my life. We had made a joint decision too, for what we both wanted. We were both selfish to some extent, but I was more so because I pushed to get it done quickly and chose the permanent method. Unfortunately we found out the emptiness of purposefully destroying an option for more love in our lives. I'll try to keep an open mind on the topic though. I feel it necessary to share. If I can spare even one person from the pain I've had to live everyday with this post. In some ways we are a stronger couple because of this event so there is a silver lining. I still regret it...
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    That procedure, from what I know, is far more complicated, has higher risks, takes longer, is more expensive, and has a longer recovery time than a vasectomy. So... if it's a choice between the two, the choice seems obvious to me.

    For me, I would eventually like my husband to get a vasectomy because we don't think we want children. We're planning to wait a while to be really sure, but once we feel confident, there are many reasons why a vasectomy will be a better choice for us than simply continuing to use condoms as we are now.

    Condoms are inconvenient, and they really hinder our sex life in a lot of ways that are personal and that I don't care to share. I am not a fan of other hormonal birth control methods, due to the risks and side effects. And if we are sure we don't want kids, it seems the easiest route to do something more permanent once and then not have to think about it again.

    I'm not unwilling to get my tubes tied, if that seems a better, safer option, but from what I've heard that isn't the case.

    I'm sympathetic to your situation, and I hope we don't end up regretting our decision. I don't feel like now is the right time, even though I feel pretty dang sure that I don't want kids, but maybe once I'm a bit older I will feel more comfortable with the permanence of the decision.
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  18. I can understand that. Thanks for hearing me out, and if you think it through as carefully as you describe there probably wont be any regrets.
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    My husband had a vasectomy 2 years before we met, he had his 2 kids he was done. I had a one year old he adopted her. I would have loved to have had kids with him,but too little too late
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    If he went threw all the important steps to make sure his semen was sterile, and he has all that documented then I’d be talking to a lawyer. I don’t know anyone personally but I did some research on the subject and I believe the doctor who performed the surgery can be held accountable for something like that. As for the pain yea there’s really no way to get around that... those first few days are really uncomfortable.

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