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    For me I never felt forced to get it. It was something my wife and I had discussed for about a yr. along with other methods. For her to get her tubes tied would have been more expensive, and the down time would have been way longer. In turn that would of been more worked missed. We have tried the pill in the past, and it always throws her hormones out of wack. In other words she becomes crazy and really tough to get along with. For those that don’t know the pill will screw with a womans hormones. Just to add to that all those methods only protect her. Now I have no intention in sleeping with anyone else, but if it should happen in the future I can have a sense of comfort knowing that I’m protected when it comes to child birth. Like I said I have two kids a boy and a girl,and I’m 100 percent happy with that.

    I think most people that don’t have kids don’t realize how much time, energy, and money they take. I’m not trying to talk anyone out of having kids I’m just saying mentally financially and physicality I don’t think I could have another kid.

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