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    Hi dear all,

    If you or the one you care about, get addicted to vedio game, like playing it for more than over 5 hours a day and have some depression syndrome, or the game contents are too violence, full or crime scenes/extreme sex behaviors, gambling(especially the players are mentally immature, or in some dangerous condition)

    Please go here -->

    The founder had once been an (extreme?) electric-games-player who can play it very well. However, after processing a suicide mode, he found it to have some potential harms.

    For me, it has made me lose my responsibility and my health (my eyesight, my body endurance), my precious time, or maybe, on-line security.

    There are still some sites that can help your self-improvement or goal achievement:
    (I do not recommend phone app for the memory it cost)

    1.The on-line support groups for you, you can join the teams, getting support or
    support others,or spend money (They guarantee if you suffer from the process and
    need medical treatment, they will pay you back )
    The notification will send through you e-mail.

    2.The gamify society forum

    If you find other things to add or something wrong, please, leave you

    My country may face the medical breakdown, we get too many patients.
    The missiles threaten is on the air.
    It is somehow weird, but I hope you all can survive through Covid-19.
    And maybe we can meet in the material real-life.
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    Thanks for the post, hope it will help people out here. Nofap itself helped me beat a videogame addiction I had from little child to 17 y/o.

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