Very addicted to clash of clans & skyrim

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ByeForever!!, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. ByeForever!!

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    If anyone's unaware, clash of clans is the largest selling app across both iOS and Android appstores. Skyrim is a rpg game that feels extremely real and makes you forget everything.

    Well so I'm extremely hooked on these two. It feels like coke. During my reboot I'm always on these two and it completely distract me from my studies.
    Don't think it's just a tiny video game and you can shut it. Seriously the reward pathways get superstimulated when I play them.

    Any help?
  2. P1RATE_K1NG

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    I used to play Clash of Clans and was addicted to it. I recently got hooked on Clash Royale and today I realised I was once again addicted, and it was affecting my life and my goals as it caused me to feel anxious and less motivated. I believe that is because games like Clash of Clans and every other clone - they're designed to manipulate the reward centers of your brain and do that in a compulsive manner. Always reminding you if you got attacked or not, l felt more disconnected to reality the more I played. What I did was that I went cold turkey, meaning that I deleted the game. But it isn't enough to delete the game, you must also unlink it to your Google/other accounts and delete progress because you must not keep any attachments to your compulsive lifestyle that you had before. It was so hard, to be honest. Seeing all my hard, "work," being washed away. But you must understand first and foremost, that you are addicted and it is affecting your life. After that, just simply delete the game.
    Here's the good part: I felt so free, and I felt as light as a feather after quitting. I thought that a burden was lifted off of my shoulders and I could actually do something productive with my life. Cold turkey, is how you do it.

    -Clash of Clans, Clash Royale Addict
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  3. Verhart

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    If you seriously want to deal with this problem there is a solution. It won't be easy, but it will be 100% effective.

    Sell your smartphone. Buy a 'dumb' phone.
    Change your password on steam, change your email address on steam and give it to a trusted friend, so you can't change it back.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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  4. ByeForever!!

    ByeForever!! Fapstronaut

    I understand I've deleted it loads of times but everytime I again download it. I'm a max th9 with all Lava walls and 30/30 heroes so you can imagine how much I farmed.

    It's tough to say goodbye to my clan with whom I've stayed for over a year and a half. Every day I spoke to them they are like best friends.

    Anyway.. Will unlinking the account from my Google id then deleting the app, delete my village forever?
    If yes I'll do it right now!
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  5. blazor28

    blazor28 Fapstronaut

    hey bye forever i was once addicted too but i m now in total control and still play
  6. 8BitsOfStuggling

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    Many times a way to get over an addiction is to allow ourselves to substitute it for another addiction. In your case it would appear these two games. I found the same issue, I was constantly wanting to play World of Warships. Within the last week I reassessed my future. I graduate college soon, and frankly playing hours of games doesn't help me grow. I uninstalled all my PC games. My roommate still has a PS4 that I play Battlefront on, but for the most part I have cut a massive amount of video games out. What did I replace that time with? Spending more time getting to know my fiance, doing my homework, and giving some of that time to reading a book that I want to read. People who have addictive personalities can bounce from one addiction to another, it is something to recognize and be very cautious of.
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  7. wanabefree

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    Oh god!! Skyrim is really bad news. I played it before and there are way too many mods as well that make the game even more "triggering" leading to PMO.
    I quit that game and I'm glad I did :confused:
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  8. vulture175

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    man duno why u become addicted to those games because they seem so boring to me. change your games, play games u hate. then suddenly u quit playing game, trust me, my painful experience :D.
  9. I was a mad addict to clash of clans two years ago. I played the game from Nov 2013 to Nov 2014, and you can guess what happened. That one year of my life was completely lost. My grades suffered. That was the time I was completing my under graduate in engineering and should be looking for the next good career options. But I was completely lost in thoughts with the game, and forgot my life. I was like a zombie always sticking to that stupid game day and night. My family and friends seemed like an enemy to me, whenever they told me to quit that god-damn game and focus on my life.

    One day all by myself I realized how much of my life I've lost and decided to throw the game away. I knew that, the only way to quit that game is by cutting off the relationship with my clan mates from the root. So that's what I did. Our clan used a third party app to stay in touch and talk game related stuffs. I posted a long message to my clan members explaining my situation and bid good-bye to all and had quit that game for life. I felt a huge burden off my shoulders.

    My progress in that game is still there at TH 9 level, but I will never get back to that game for life.

    Today I feel, I would have been in a better place had that game not been in my life. I ask you not to make the same mistake as me. Quit it for life and move on.
  10. RealLifeGamer

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    Easy, if you really want to do it: Delete your clash of clans account, delete all skyrim save-data. Then you will be free. When I was 15 I player World of Warcraft and when I saw that it took overhand I deleted my character, all his equipment and in the end forgot the accountpassword and even email-adress.
    I am so happy that I did that back then.
    Get comfortable with your own skin, don´t live a lie. Playing computer is just running away from your problems which in turn keep getting bigger because you ran away. It´s a vicious cycle, break it.
  11. Alma1995

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    We have to see what's the root of the problem. It seems you replaced one addiction for another and you have an "addictive" kind of personality which by no means is something bad but dangerous. Have you asked yourself why were you addicted to masturbation at first? What was lacking? Was boredom that brought you to that state? If you don't realise what's missing you'll keep on changing one addiction for another. I would recommend to fill the time you used to spend in games with groupal activities. Isolation is the floor for addiction.
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  12. JesusGreen

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    Take a look at the common denominators in your addictions here: Boredom, and technology. Take a break for 2-3 weeks from your computer and phone. It'll suck since you've become used to spending so much time with them - but if you're serious about getting rid of your addictions, it's the way to do things.

    In the mean time, deal with that other one, the boredom. Find yourself some new healthy activities to do, like working out, trips out with friends, reading, or perhaps pick up a new creative hobby like painting or writing.

    Do something that takes you out of your boredom but that is a "slow release" reward. With something like painting for example, you don't get a dopamine hit just by putting your brush on the paper - it takes the long painstaking process of finishing your complete painting before you get the reward, so it doesn't create a compulsion or addiction, and instead you get to enjoy the process rather than looking for that instant fix.

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