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    Speaking of urges, there are mostly cases of no urges at all or those times where it feels like something bad is going to happen when you’re not going to fap and have no control over it.

    A related thing can happen in real situations where you see an attractive woman causing attractive feelings or thoughts and it’s like you have to do something about it but it’s unclear what.

    In both cases it is time for a method to turn things around. You can turn those same thoughts/feelings that were bothering you in the first place, 180 degrees in another direction so it actually satisfies you.

    (1st case) You have to think about those difficult thoughts/feelings are and realise how good it is that you are doing such a difficult thing for such a long time, and being one of the very few.

    (2nd case) In the 2nd case it seems more like a mystery because there would have be the other person involved. In the first case it’s obvious that you can do it yourself because it’s purely related to urges. The 2nd is about desires with a real other person, so how goes the method there then?

    What you have to do when you see one or more attractive women (also from a large distance) is assuming that they can sense something good/attractive about you, caused by not PMOing, and that they sense that it’s because of not doing that and being celibate. Also assume that they notice that you’re not paying attention (and don’t do it anyway of course) and not getting any feelings from them.

    In both cases it gives you a good and satisfied feeling, filling the frustrated feelings.

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