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    Not bored of life or anything but I cut out video games, PMO, and changed my diet all at once and it’s a lot to handle. How do I make life more interesting again? Every day feels like a repeat of the day before (a merry go round) if you will and I feel burnt out with the weight of the world trying to crush me down. Like my threshold and tolerance for shit feels different. Is this feeling coming from abstinence from PMO? I feel like straight up shit right now

    In other words, life feels like a test of how long you can hold a glass of water for without giving up or getting too tired lol or at least I feel that kind of ‘strain’ right now. Another example would be me wishing the world would stop rotating for a couple days in order to get my shit together—and then continue rotating again, or that I’m struggling to keep the same momentum on the hypothetical hamster wheel, etc.

    Almost 25 but I remember 18-20 being a lot more peaceful for some reason
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    Why people PMO is that it starts from feeling bored or stress. It actually acts as a form of escape for people. So when you kept doing PMO before, you 'escape' a problem each time with the help of dopamine rush. Apparently i feel the same way as you too. Life is in a mess but hey, why not start organizing and tidying up the mess ? What I did to help was to write down diary entries, which stated all the problems in one go and how to solve them one by one. Im still at the age of like 19 so i won't understand whats going on at the age of 25. But surely that has helped me a lot and why not give it a try ? :) I'm not sure if it works for you but it surely did for me. If i haven't found the solution, at least i'm aware of what's going in and life won't be a mess like before. I'm not sure if this solution will induce OCD but yea if anyone reads this can answer this question.

    Basically, I still have school going on and really hope for holidays to recuperate. But even if i had the holidays to recuperate, i would have more free time, which means i gotta occupy the time with my own activities and may come off as risky. So why not, balance out your time and actually immerse yourself in your hobby or what makes you happy during your free time, or even doing something productive, so you won't feel that everyday is just an endless cycle ?

    To sum up, its just to write journal entries or list down your problems along with the solutions available, and occupying your free time with what makes you happy or productive stuffs.

    Hope i helped :) Stay strong bro
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    I hear you - the first time I tried to quit, I did all those things - cut out video games, FB changed diet etc.
    I failed - didn't realize it back then but I was setting myself up for failure.
    My approach then was "Cut all this shit out and you will be fine" - what I didn't know then was that instead of cutting things out of my life (as well as no PMO)
    I needed to ADD things to my life.
    Taking up new challenges, meditation or revisiting hobbies/sports that the video games and porn may have stolen.

    I am also working on changing my mindset - which is helping, so instead of thinking I am cutting or loosing these things from life - I now try and think that I gaining things in life - self confidence/awareness, a better body, healthier thoughts and most importantly self respect and inner peace.
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