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    Hi boys, I'll tell you my story so maybe you can help me or share some thoughts.
    I'm doing pretty good. 15 days without fapping nor watching porn.
    But. But. There are some but (I wish there were some butts)
    I'm not fapping. But I'm not even having sex. I would like to. I'm very relaxed with women, no anxiety at all. I talk to them without any problems.
    Anyway . Sometimes this drives me crazy. Since I haven't fucked one in one month, I have problems in concentrating. Sometimes. I think about sex . About that 20 years girl that wanted to fuck me (I saw her on Instagram, I should delete even that)
    So. Sex thoughts , sometimes.
    Plus. Tonight I was so uncontrolled that I couldnt resist and I watched porn. 1 video . For 5 minutes.
    I didn't fap. But still. This video gave me a kind of relief . I don't get why if I don't fap I still get relief from it. Maybe that has to do with dopamine. Someone that can explain it? Why did I feel relief?
    Anyway. It's difficult but I've got a lot of energy. I feel like I can do everything it needs to change my life in a better way, and I don't let myself down. I'm growing a lot thanks to this. Thank you guys
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    I think you should try to redirect your energies to a physical activity. Since you have stopped fapping and watching porn, your mind is experiencing a surge of energy.
    Don't go back to porn, do something demanding so you can drain that energy.
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    Good advice
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