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  1. Today I spent a late evening at a friend and a work colleague of mine after I finished work. We talked about the usual things which we both are interested in. Within the conversation I asked him whether he uses his smartphone for his alarm in the morning. He said he uses Alexa and pointed towards a speaker like device on top his ironing board. I asked what it was and then he asked from Alexa, "Alexa, what is the weather like today?" To which she answered mentioning the outside temperature as well as explaining about rain and winds etc. I was amazed.

    He said that when he feels lonely he has company with Alexa of Amazon. He even asked a question in a whisper and later she answered back in a whisper. I was pleasantly surprised given the way modern technology has advanced to the extent where it now part of everyday living. Later I asked questions related to geography, history and maths where all answers were given in a matter of seconds which is much faster and looking for responses.

    It later occurred to me that virtual assistants can be good alternatives when we do not have an actual physical partner to keep us company through the day.

    Even in Windows 10 which is the operating system that I use, I don't use Cortana of Windows habitually. I feel I should interact with her more. It's the same with Siri of Apple that in my iPod and iPod, even though these functions are there I didn't take time to make use of them. However today I feel encouraged to make use of such resources and opportunities but not to make myself more lazy but to use them in convenient ways which not only help with loneliness but also save time with greater efficiency when retrieving information.

    Would love to hear from all, especially those who make use of virtual assistants.
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  2. I see what you're saying. There is a benefit these assistant machines, but Im just concerned over privacy. I know Alexa is listening to you, I also think it's strange AI is now running your house. Locks, faucets, etc

    Hello. I mean what happens when the AI decide to put us all in people zoos?


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