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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Paranimmita, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Today when I was on YouTube I couldnt help but notice a commercial for an upcoming virtual reality simulation software with supporting devices for sex. It is still under development where early birds pre-order the product at a discount where the fee goes into the development of this system. To put it in simple terms this is one of the first ways where people can have sex Matrix style.

    However what I wanted to know was, will this make the issue of compulsive MO elevate to a whole new level. It appears that P was just the tip of the ice berg hiding behind what is deeper underneath the surface of even more challenging things to come in the future.

    If this is what we are facing in the future, then how unprepared are we? It is almost as if technology is applied to enhance and increase temptation with compulsive sexual behaviour, under our very noses where we seem quite oblivious to things which can arise and emerge in the future.

    Any thoughts on this and what we can do about this? How can we make sure our fapstronauts as well as those who suffer from PMO addiction dont get into even deeper waters?

    I feel these are just the early signs of far more uglier things to come.

    Need some conversation up in here.
  2. Jenkinspopper

    Jenkinspopper Fapstronaut

    to me it seems technology has evolved in 'wrong' direction, using VR porn will make the epidemic of pron addiction among young guys even worse. We are moving further and further way from primitive sex, which isn't a good sign
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  3. NCK

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    This is a really big problem. Imagine how hooked people will become to this sort of thing, and how it will destroy lives. Porn is already a big issue, but if you can just have sex with a machine in virtual reality anytime I can't even imagine what this will do to the brain of the users. It is sad that it comes to this, but I think all we can do is keep supporting each other and raising awareness about the harms Porn can do to our lives. Technology is making people get more and more distant from each other, people have less real friends, and many don't have meaningful love relationships. All because of this constant entertainment and pleasure we can get from technology. I am a big supporter of technological development (I myself am a graduate student), but I recognize that many people are putting their focus on the wrong developments.
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  4. The pleasure obtained from sex is the most sweetest desire we can have through the senses. So now technology is used to further short-circuit nature where its application will continuously happen till the ideal of absolute simulation of reality is reached whether there is no difference between sex in the real world and sex with a CGI figure. It still may not know its bounds where it will keep going beyond that perceived ideal.

    When this becomes mainstream will our new focus be this instead of porn?

    Something tells me that we are unprepared to face this.
  5. NCK

    NCK Fapstronaut

    I think if this ever becomes mainstream, if most people have access and money to have this sort of technology at home, probably this will be the new porn, since it will get people hooked much easier than before. But I don't believe (my opinion here) that this will happen so fast. For a long time it will be quite an investment to get this kind of technology, and only a few people will have access. So there is some time for the nofap community to raise awareness about this issues.
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  6. Di.Do.555

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    Between p and vr the brain doesn't know the difference.
    Or am i wrong?
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  7. Yeah I am trying to think that assuming that virtual reality sex simulation became mainstream, what we can do about this so that we are prepared in advance.

    Given that it has not become mainstream yet, there is still a chance for applying resistance to give the impression that we are not just allowing that to get into the mainstream market without a fight.

    As for me a part of me is thinking that it is cutting edge and innovative so I do not deny that somewhere deep in my mind I see me having one of them (especially the advert which I saw on YouTube yesterday). The very idea that it is modern and sophisticated, makes a deep part of my mind very interested even though I know this is not that different from P.

    What do you all think?
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  8. NCK

    NCK Fapstronaut

    I think that's the problem. It is total novelty, our brain craves novelty and if one day we saw that there is a VR machine for Porn selling for say 100 dollars, it will be really tempting to make that investment just because we really wanna know how it is. And then in the beginning it's gonna feel great, but after some time we'll just get hooked like with porn, and our focus will turn only for that activity, we'll be unmotivated to live the other parts of life, and just like porn it will be a self destruction cycle.

    Do you agree with me?
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  9. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    If you hear Jaron Lanier talk about VR (apparently he coined the term and is regarded by some as the 'father' of VR) it's all about crative relating. Instead of talking about something you would create the VR version of it. He also wrote Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. Obviously it depends on the application and largely if it is passive use or active content creation.
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  10. BlueBallsOG

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    I have tried VR porn, its the crack cocaine of erotic stuff. Never ever fall for that.
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  11. Thank you @BlueBallsOG
    Seems like the perfect analogy you used as it is about extracting the refined essence of sexual desire without the imperfections and coarseness of the real world combined with cutting edge technology.

    I hope to research more into VR sex and then write a post on this. I am still concerned that this is going to hit the fapstronaut community like a tsunami especially since most of us are unaware and unsuspecting of this. We have to be prepared in advance and beat it off.
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  12. BlueBallsOG

    BlueBallsOG Fapstronaut

    Beat it off XD, what you said is right + that it is so 'real' compared to normal porn
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  13. fredisthebes

    fredisthebes Fapstronaut

    Thank goodness I have never gone down this route, and such things weren't available when I was young single and had a bit of spare money!

    I think a lot of addicts are in situations where they can't have massive, intrusive pieces of equipment to fuel their masturbatory habits. Imagine taking a girl home and she discovers your wanking machine? Plus there is the unglamorous clean up operation that each session would no doubt require. So I think the market is quite a limited one, once the initial novelty wears off.
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  14. It appears that the addictivity of VRP could be multiple times the amount of video P. If there is literature on the subject I would like to know. I would love to see some text written about the VRP addiction. The problem in our societies is that a thing needs to be a problem before we address it. In this instance VRP does not need to make its appearence as a problem for us to inform ourselves and make this common knowledge aming the fapstronaut community as well as anti-P activists. A pre-empted responses if far better and safer than waiting for a problem to occur and then taking action. Prevention is better than cure. What I mean by prevention does not mean banning something. Things dont need to be banned when we have the option of being educated about the disadvantages of an innovation. This needs to be made common knowledge just as much as almost everyone sensible is aware of the dangers of fascism.

    I might consider trying to see how addictive it is compared to P. So far if (and this is a big 'if') I will try then I will just look at the visual component only without the tangible component. I am confident that I wont slip as I have fully rebooted more than once. I also did cue-exposure therapy so I am very resistent to any type of P. However I will not recommend it other fapstronauts. If I do this then I will be doing this at my own risk. Once again its just a thought and it doesnt mean that I will do it. If I get the chance to try it out then fair enough, but I will be reluctant tp purchase such an equipment just for the sake of trying.
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  15. Yes, provided if the VR was an absolute simulation of reality then yes. Probably even better as this does not have the coarseness and inconvenience of the real world. In the real world humans have a smell which is usually not pleasant. VRP does not have any problem as it is the aesthetic use of the the refined and purified sexual experience without the undesirable aspects of real sex (like smell etc). So this makes it far more dangerous than normal P.
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  16. VR p is just p. Stimulating stuff = p.

    Let's see how that will work out.
    In the very beginning we got triggered by a beautiful woman's face. Or maybe by some nudity of her body.
    We see a magazine with playmates.
    We see our first soft p movie.
    After a while we look further and explore some deeper on the web.
    Etc etc.

    All these contents are substitutes of reality.
    We learn our brains that what we see is normal. In fact the brain really believes it's normal because of the physical reactions in the body. What we are looking for, is the physical experience right.

    With VR this experience comes very very close and real to us and our brain.
    Looking through a vr glasses, we have shut ourselves of from the outside world. We are now "one" with that virtual world:
    Through our eyes (very detailed information at a short distance), ears (3d surround sound),
    the people make eye contact with us at a very short distance. So yes the vr experience is the next step in the addiction.

    I would like to say: stay far away from it. P is P. No matter what form it has.
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  17. pump20

    pump20 Fapstronaut

    Best solution? Don't start virtually porn because I know the answer to that stuff. Plus, they're expensive anyway, so why bother?
  18. AlternativeFalcon01

    AlternativeFalcon01 Fapstronaut

    It reminds me on a black mirror episode from the new season. It's interesting how did they see it coming. It's a terrible invention, it's crazy how much creativity we have for self-destruction. I think the whole porn industry is paying well because it's based on a great thing. Sexuality is the base of it, but the problem is that humans are concentrating more on the conditions, then on the thing on which we should have the focus, and that is love. It's like when you love the atmosphere of the farms, because of their peacefullness,but when you want to make something similar artificially you focus more on the smell of animal poop then the peacefullness of the atmosphere. That's what the industries are doing now with this VR stuff,they are working on the smell of animal poop to be more realistic. It will make some people more addicted to it definitely. I'm not sure what can we do against it. We should give support it at this time to the other people who fight against their addiction, and go with wide opened eyes to not fall into this trap.
  19. CodeTalker

    CodeTalker Fapstronaut

    I don't want to cite name but it's already possible today and I'm already struggling with that...
    Every kind of porn lost its interest for me for that.
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  20. Chefb87

    Chefb87 Fapstronaut

    VRP for me was becoming a huge problem. Especially with the mixture of drugs. On several occasions I had to just throw the VR headset in the garbage to break away from it . But it didn't take me long to go buy another one . I would stay so far away from this !
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