Visiting This Community Once Again.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, May 13, 2021.

  1. Hello everyone, how are you?
    It's been almost a year when I decided to leave this community and just focus the life outside from this screen. I have lots of difficulties before when talking about pmo, to the point of asking why do I need to like this, I used to promise to myself that I wont relapsed again, but as usual the cycle repeats itself.

    To make the story short, it is not an easy journey until now I still need to be consciously aware of my actions because your mind can do something which even yourself not aware of.

    And right now I'm under my flatline phase of nofap, i feel sad hahaha but Im used to it na... Hope I can talk to someone here who's still up for a nice conversation.
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    Doing good brother, I always make sure to visit this site for 5 minutes every morning to give advice when needed and to remind myself of the cause, but I agree that screen time is often a bad thing. You'll get through the flatline, just enjoy the good parts of not being horny while you can!

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  3. Cool that someone respond to my thread. It's a good thing to be back and share some of my experiences.
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