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    Okay guys, lets talk about the real shit.

    What´s in for you in this post? I will be talking about the tremedous benefits one can have by shifting his lifestyle away from a lazy dumb couch potato to a highly productive and sensitive mastermind, who debunks the myths behind vitality.

    Everyone probably know´s how good it is to stay sober, excercise, keep a diet and expose yourself to frightening situations to grow internaly, but yet to many people fall off the track and feed themselves again with junk of all kinds. This doesn´t has to be.

    One of the biggest takeaways from my journey was just how amazing it feels to stick to a thing long term, to experience the pitfalls and enjoy the rises on top of the peak. Procrastination during this time is normal! It´s nothing which you need to be afraid of or beat yourself up for. This is merely part of the game. We all find ourselves questioning sooner or later, is this really for me? Do I see this maybe as something to lofty and give it to much power? And that´s when I learned it´s about the tiny details, which add up to something higher and not just expediency. These people who take the emotional rollercoaster ride through life in the way of being accountable, happy and determinend are real heroes.

    Recently I´ve finished my 10 week wim hof method course, started PMO and pitched my nutrition the best way possible. No gluten, more fresh green food, fish and almost no meat at all. And it was way more effortless than I´ve conceived it in the beginning. In the meanwhile I excercised read dozens of pages and healed relationships, which suffered from the lack of attention and affection. The reasons and evidence to decide to stick to an delightful lifestyle are almost overwhelmingly clear. The whole fucking network benefits from it, not only I can take advantage of it. Life became great, allthough sometimes pushing through is tough. The pieces add up, the pieces add up.

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