Vitamin B6 to support your recovery (Long post - but tl;dr at bottom!)

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    I think the cbd fad is such a meme these days. All this CBD stuff can't be a cure all for everything as the marketing says.
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  2. You are right. Lots of newsletters about it came out since legalization started, some said cure for everything, price for medical bottle for month supply $600 while Street bottle for month is between $100-300.

    Truth according to my experience, it is good medicine for anxiety, ADHD, stress releaf, brain fog and helps a lot with addictions (similar effect to champix). Slows down the urges and helps a lot with nofap process.
  3. I have b12 deficiency, I will try the B complex hopefully I don't have sleep issues as you did.

    I trust your experiences and knowledge, could you please share the supplements you are taking and you think they are MUST have? With their dosage and brands please, also which company is your b6?

    Thanks heaps
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    Is the B6 your taking still helping with the flatline sir... I am taking zinc 30mg and Vit D 5,000 units a day. Mood is improving but I need more time to get rid of anxiety, etc. from long addiction time..
  5. I would not experiement too much with high dose B6, or any other B vitamins, because some people with certain genetics Will do badly on those supplements, meanwhile other can take them as "cookies".

    Also if your gut in wrong shape, and got digestion problems then throwing mega dose b vitamin can make things more chaotic.
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    Any updates on b6 for

    I have a b complex I was considering taking soon. From Naturelo on Amazon. But it only has 5mg Of b-6

    The flatline sucks!!!
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    How many months in flatline are you now..?? Give it at least six or seven months and you should be good. I’m no expert on the timeline though, could be a solid year for me.
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    How you doing Tantus!! Hope all is well at home there ..
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    I feel like I have mainly been in flatline honesty after I orgasmed at 101 days hard mode, with my wife, I still have not touched myself. After then I felt like I entered flatline. It’s been back and forth since then but haven’t had much libido, erections, or energy since then so almost two months.

    It has been about a year since I learned about nofap. But obviously I’ve had relapses since then. This is hell. Most days I just want to die. And no one to talk to about it in real life, my wife knows, but doesn’t understand.
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    Awesome post. I'm curious, do your dopamine receptors return to normal over time?
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    I've been searching for a way to reduce my prolactin levels and found this thread, really interesting. However I must warn all of you that the max recommended dose for a single day is 25 mg, way less than all of you have been taking. Anything beyond that number has a risk of a bad side effect, at least according to this link: efsa [d0t] europa [d0t] eu / sites/default/files/efsa_rep/blobserver_assets/ndatolerableuil.pdf

    My case: rxisk [d0t] org / accutane-30-years-of-trading-our-sex-lives-for-clear-skin/

    My testosterone levels are low nowadays (240 ng/dL - the range is 241 to 800's), and prolactin I tested multiple times and have never seen it reduced from the 20s (for a man it should be 13 max, even less). Note: very low prolactin also causes the same issue: livescience [d0t] com / 41322-low-prolactin-men-sexual-impairment.html

    That's why I'll try beyond my current diet, healthy lifestyle that I adjusted recently, and new workout routine that will focuse on increasing T:

    1) Vitamins D-3 (2000 UI/day) and E (200 UI/day). The two combined, 1 pill a day, at lunch. When I took 2000 UI for D-3 two years ago my testosterone levels increased 35%, the blood tests confirmed tis (and D-3 increased 70%, from 26 to 40s). I'll also expose myself (in the shade, of course) to the Sun during morning, 15 minutes/day.

    2) Omega 3 fish oil, 1000 mg, 180/120, 3 pills at the same time, at dinner.
    3) Vitamin B-6, Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate, 25 mg/day, 1 pill at breakfast (and not before sleeping)
    4) Ashwagandha (KSM-66), 300 mg, 1 pill/day, also at breakfast. It may provide the same benefits from the B-6.
    5) ZMA (256 mg magnesium, 7 mg zinc and 1.3 mg B-6). 2 pills 30-60 minutes before sleeping and 30-60 minutes AFTER the last meal of the day.

    I suspect ZMA will help (despite others rejecting its benefits) since I suspect my zinc/magnesium levels are not ideal.

    Initially I thought about including BORON, at least 3mg/day - instead I'll consume foods that have it, due to one source saying I have to stop using after a few weeks (for 1 week) and then continue, to avoid certain detrimental side effects.
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    That's interesting. I also had low T levels and recently I made complete blood work and guess what..
    My vit D is low and my HDL is low.
    I found legit sources that say that low vit d and cholesterol lower your testosterone!!
    so before taking a T-replacement therapy, one should check those nutrients first.
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    Here's a post I just made in another forum.

    Take a look to what I said about vitamin B-6. Note: the context of the message below was Accutane/isotretinoin.

    About dry lips, I suggest you all take a good look if you have any vitamin deficiency, since vitamin B also contributes to healthy skin, a deficiency can cause a variety of skin problems such as acne, split lips, dryness, and rashes. Low levels of zinc and iron can also lead to split lips, especially at the corners of the mouth.

    My advice is to take a complex B like this one, in this case at least 1 pill everyday, I am thinking 2 it's too much:

    As for zinc and magnesium, a few warnings about how much should be taken:

    I am taking ZMA for a month by now (it helps with muscle recovery, giving me a restful sleep, since a workout routine is what I need for increasing my testosterone), it should be taken 30-60 minutes before you hit the bed and 30-60 minutes after last meal. It should be taken with an empty stomach and never with calcium, as calcium blocks the absorption of zinc. Then there are some forms of zinc and magnesium that are poorly absorbed:

    Aspartate seems to be the best, oxide the worst.

    This ZMA from O.N. is what I have in mind once my current stock ends (note: it also has vitamin B-6, 10 mg), and I stop taking 25 mg of P-5-P vitamin B-6, the latter was included to lower my prolactin (that is in the 20's). However taking vitamin B-6 for a long time and in a high dose can cause some health issues: and (watch after 2 minutes and after 3:53, when the guy mentions taking as little as 24 mg a day is bad)

    Both overdose and deficiency may cause peripheral neuropathy. It's possible a lower dose of 25 mg is not enough to lower prolactin (many have reported benefits at much higher doses) or it's high enough for me to experience the side effects of toxicity after a while. These will resolve weeks after discontinuing taking. I realize by now it was a mistake to include this for my sexual dysfunction. My prolactin is not high enough to require this or meds like Cabergoline.

    What I am doing now is a workout routine to increase my testosterone, just like it was suggested in these links: and

    With the help of a personal trainer/coach qualified for strenght training. This + diet + good sleep quality (kill electronic devices 2 hours before going to sleep and your bedroom should be in total darkness).

    Peruvian MACA powder (or in caps): definitely helps with low libido.

    After seeing this video:

    I bought a blender and am currently adding in my breakfast, pre-workout: 1) 5 g of maca powder, 2) whey protein, 3) creatine, 4) oat fine flakes or chia seeds or quinoa flakes (1 tblspoon), and 5) 200 ml of almond or cashew or coconut milk (cow's milk and cheese I am not including anymore).

    Ashwagandha: this one is only worth taking if it's KSM-66 and preferably organic. However I consider expensive and once my current stock ends I will not buy again, too. It's more useful if someone experiences some stress on a daily basis, and it's definitely the most useful supplement if that's the case. Not for me since I have low cortisol and rarely something annoys me.:

    And below I am listing interesting books that I discovered, and would like to recommend:

    - Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?, from Mark Hyman:

    - How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, from Michael Greger:

    - Vitamin D: Is This the Miracle Vitamin?, from Ian Wishart:

    - Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health, from Mark Hyman:

    - Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, from Michael Moss:

    Vitamin K-2 (MK-7, 100 mcg) should be taken together with D-3, and this one I'll add once my D-3 (2000 UI) + E (200 UI) pills are over. Not going to buy vitamin E again, since a proper diet is not deficient on it. Another reason is that Omega 3 fish oil (also taking) may have vitamin E in the list of ingredients.

    Once things are evolving I'll do a new blood test to see how my levels have improved.
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    Here's a warning for those with sexual dysfunction, low libido and lower testosterone, caused by Accutane:

    Taking Vitamin B-6 to lower prolactin and raise libido was a bad idea.

    (This first link summarizes what I am going to say next).

    And trusting these gurus from the internet that want us to buy their books and supplements (and subscribe to their Youtube channels), and treat vitamins as if they were candy was even worse. Christopher Walker is one of them, he mentions some studies that of course don't take into account all possible health issues from even lower doses over prolonged time.

    Not everyone can take a supplement and feel the same, this is as stupid as proposing the same diet, only a qualified person can prescribe, each case is unique.

    Some people have vitamin deficiencies that can account for their diseases, but we should always strive to correct these not with a pill or another med (again Big Pharma and the idea that all our problems will be solved with no effort at all).

    I was always against this idea of taking vitamins or doing something out of the ordinary to fix us. Or at least the idea of doing that forever.

    >>>>>>>>> Now, back to vitamin B-6:

    I started taking P-5-P (the active form of vitamin B-6) at 25 mg / a day a month ago.

    Also a ZMA that has 1.3 mg of vitamin B-6 as pyridoxine, before going to sleep. This ZMA I'll continue to take for the zinc and magnesium, which are at lower doses, 7 and 256 mg.

    Then recently I noticed my left index finger had (I think this is the right term, despite no signs of anything in my skin, both my hands appear to be 100% normal) an "inflammation", as if it was more tired than usual, from something I did at the gym that caused that and would take a little while to recover. I am not feeling anything except when I have to put some strenght into this finger. It's odd that my finger suddenly tired this way, and so far has not recovered, I don't remember hurting it or putting under any stress that could have caused this.

    Then I started researching a little more about... vitamin B-6 TOXICITY. And side effects of overdosing.

    The EFSA recommended a max safe dose of 25 mg a day. And some sources say that 50 mg is harmful.

    First of all, a normal adult will require 1–2 mg of pyridoxine per day. This is adequately supplied by a normal diet.

    What happens when there's too much B-6?

    "Burning, shooting pains in your limbs, hands and feet can be caused by nerve damage from B6 deficiency or overdose."

    - A lack of muscle control or coordination of voluntary movements (ataxia)
    - Painful, disfiguring skin lesions
    - Gastrointestinal symptoms, such as heartburn and nausea
    - Sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity)
    - Numbness
    - Reduced ability to sense pain or extreme temperatures

    It's also said that the side effects will go away once we stop taking, but this will always take weeks (perhaps a few months).

    Now, what about which dose would cause any of it?

    This link:

    Seems to suggest it's possible to experience problems if the daily dose is under 50 mg.

    And this one:

    Says the following:

    Notably, pyridoxine itself has been documented to cause sensory neuropathy in humans with prolonged use, even at doses as low as 24 mg daily (14,15).

    14. Katan MB. How much vitamin B 6 is toxic? [Dutch]. Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 2005; 149:2545–6.
    15. Silva CD, D’Cruz DP. Pyridoxine toxicity courtesy of your local health food store. ann Rheum Dis 2006; 65:1666–7.

    That's not all:

    This link and the 8 minute video I mentioned before:

    Seem to suggest the same thing. In the video the guy clearly says "as little as 24 mg, especially if you don't need it".

    My prolactin is high, but not high enough for me to take Cabergoline. In fact I have never been diagnosed with any tumor or specific disease. And there's no solid evidence that vitamin B-6 can help people like me, at least not in lower doses.

    The problem is that we are replacing one issue with another, when we take vitamins at any dose and as if they couldn't harm us.

    About increasing libido: you'll see there's no evidence of that here:

    Even if there is, I believe that only higher doses can benefit the men taking and that would be useful if their prolactin was really high.

    Not my case, that is in the 20's. The ideal levels are a litle less than 10.

    On the other hand there are safer ways to increase libido:

    One I already mentioned: taking peruvian MACA powder (or in caps).

    This link mentions the things we should look for to increase testosterone: vitamin D (and now I am taking with K-2 MK-7), zinc and magnesium.

    That's it, and if the supplement has vitamin B-6 then search for magnesium and zinc without it.

    Testosterone boosters are a sham. Supplements are harmful if we exceed the max daily doses and for prolonged time.

    Q: How can you increase testosterone naturally?

    A: When it comes to increasing your testosterone, quality sleep, physical activity, and weight management come first. A few supplements can help sustain healthy testosterone levels, but most supplements marketed as testosterone boosters don’t work, though some can make you believe they do by boosting your libido.

    Peruvian Maca is listed at with a "Very High" in terms of consistency of research results, for increasing libido.

    For the libido column this is what the site says:


    I also read some users reporting a substantial increase after taking for a while.

    The only other mention in terms of increasing libido is for Fenugreek:

    Increases in libido have been noted before, which is notable due to the lack of significant influence on testosterone and possible suppression of DHT (theoretically should reduce libido, yet a large increase is seen with fenugreek)

    However I would avoid it since decreasing DHT levels is detrimental.

    Mucuna pruriens also appear to be a good idea, not only to decrease prolactin, also for testosterone:

    Still, this fits into my warning about taking these things over prolonged time, since we are messing with dopamine.

    What is more concerning is that all over the internet we will find guys recommending all of this and only warning about the problems in the footnotes.

    We also need to evaluate if stop taking for a while (cycling) and then restarting could be a good idea:

    I have decided to do the following:

    - Stop taking vitamin B-6 (even before my current stock ends)
    - Stop taking Ashwagandha once my 120 pills are over - for someone that is a little uneasy and stressed on a daily basis it's the best adaptogen - remember that high anxiety and cortisol means lower testosterone);
    - Stop taking ZMA after my 8 month stock ends. I'll search for another one, without B-6 in the list of ingredients.
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    I also noticed taking b6 over a year ago from 50 to 200 mg and it made me fly high lol but it also gave me nerve damage and my arms and legs went numb. It stopped once i stopped taking b6. I quit b6 a long time ago and all vitamins together since it wasn't good for my liver but now i take few vitamins every other day and i feel really good. I took 2.2 mg of b6 today and i feel a bit hornier and i feel pretty ok.

    I really recommend taking b6 every 2 or 3 days. Just don't use too much. I even got my arms and legs go numb from 50 mg of b6. I think 5 to 10 MG seems pretty okay. Also iron is amazing too, being iron deficient anemic can ruin your whole sex drive completely.
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    EDIT: After using B6 for over 5 days now 2 mg to 20 MG a day, i have noticed i feel a bit better but a bit crappier the next day. I have noticed my chest muscles have gone smaller too. I think B6 can be used when you feel really really shitty but no i wouldn't use this everyday or every 2nd day. It does boost metabolism after all and can make you skinnier.

    Also my arms went numb while sleeping and it did really hurt even after using 20 MG of b6. Do not believe those idiots who say '' use 100 MG or something '', i used to do that too and shit i even got my arms go numb just after 2-3 days of use and i used only 20 MG.

    I might just use this during fridays or something. And i might use less than 10 MG. You really don't need 100 MG it's too much man. I used a pill that has few other vitamins but one of them is B6 and has like 2 mg. It makes me feel WAY better than 20 MG.
  17. I read the original post of this thread and I haven't tried anything like medication for NoFap but I am curious to know whether B6 decreases the amount of deficiency of dopamine.
  18. Balkanray

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    Dont listen to that OP. It will work yea but you will lose a lot of weight ( b6 makes you lose weight and makes ur muscles smaller ), did it to me. You will fly high but feel down next day. I have experienced this many times myself.

    there is a reason why b6 should be taken 1 to 3 mg a day. Seriously 100 mg ?
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    Came across this thread and decided to try b6. I am in a major flatline right now. Took 100mg before bed. Noticed my mind racing a bit and some slight uncomfortable feeling.

    Two hours into my sleep I woke up with a massive wet dream all over myself and some very stiff morning wood. I took another 50mg of b6 and went back to bed. Well.... 4 hours later I woke up again with a huge wet dream. Two in one night. Wtf. It's definitely the b6.

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