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    An excerpt from "The Way to Wait (Luke 12:35-48)" by Bob Deffinbaugh of Bible.org.
    Link: https://bible.org/seriespage/way-wait-luke-1235-48

    "Our culture is not inclined to wait, either. Think, for example, of how many 'fast food' restaurants there are in our city, as compared with those which cook food the slow, old-fashioned way. TV dinners are the solution for those who wish to eat at home, quickly. Credit cards have a great appeal to us because we can buy the things we want without having to wait till we have the cash to do so. The “sexual revolution” has also given our society a convenient philosophical rational for not “waiting” for sexual enjoyment, within marriage.*

    When you think of the Bible, waiting is one of the things which men and women of faith are called upon to do. All of those named in the 'hall of faith' in Hebrews 11 had to wait for the promised blessings of God. Their wait was even longer than we would like to contemplate—they were still waiting when they died. They are still waiting!

    Jesus calls upon His disciples to wait, for although He will return to the earth, to rule over it as Messiah, it may be a considerable period of time before this happens. Our text implies that there will be a wait. History confirms this, for the church has been waiting nearly 2,000 years for His return."

    *relation to NF

    I find these words to be straight facts. Thoughts?
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    Waiting is certainly part of the life of a disciple. But so is living mindfully in each moment. And each moment, if spent connected to Christ, is very good indeed. Makes the waiting easier! :)
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