Wake up @ 5:30 and Take Back Your LIFE - Join Me

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ReachYourHighestPeak, Jul 22, 2019.

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    That's right, you heard me.

    This thread is for the people that really want to be in-control of their life. If you're fine with life just the way it is, then GTFO. If you're a wuss that doesn't want to get up before the sun, then go back to bed sleepy-head.

    Look at some of the worlds top performing human beings. Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, David Cush. etc. When do they get up? Look at the biggest up-and-coming CEOs in Silicon Valley. What time do they get up?

    Before you do. That's when.

    Waking up at 4am every morning may seem like a daunting task for some of you, so I've chosen 5:30 to pickup the stragglers that would otherwise keep sleeping til lunchtime.

    I'm making the commitment to change my habits so that I get up at 5:30 every morning. No, we're not going to hit the snooze. No, we're not accidentally going to go back to sleep. No, we're not falling asleep in the shower because that sh*t is gonna be cold!

    We are getting up, meditating, working out, making our beds, hydrating, and getting my most difficult tasks for the day done before most people get up in the morning.


    Because We are tired of sleeping my life away.
    Because We will not settle for mediocrity.
    Because We will NOT be a slaves to our bodies.

    This is not a "30-Day challenge" because this WILL improve your life, and there is no reason to fall back to old habits after you've been here for 30 days. This is not a "Oh I'll try it out and see". This is a commitment to change and not turn back.

    For those of you coming with me, let's f*cking go. Document your journey here.

    For those that want to stay in bed, feel free to watch us take over the world.
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  2. I’m already awake at 5:30am. I’m awake all through the night working graveyard shift.

    And on my nights off I’m awake for long periods since I can no longer sleep well.

    If staying out of bed and staying awake was a huge factor in success against PMO then I’d have conquered this decades ago.

    Sorry but this is way too simplified.

    Becoming successful in life is a process that involves discipline in several areas.

    And I think there’s good argument that says getting a good satisfactory amount of sleep is one of those areas. Waking up early doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Especially if a person works weird hours.
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  3. But I do appreciate your enthusiasm.
  4. I wake up at 3:55-4:00 am welcome to the club
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    As I am sitting in my backyard trying to settle my newborn for the last hour, a thought occurs: waking up early is a good goal for someone in their mid twenties. Welcome to adulthood! But... make sure you have something meaningful to do, especially if it is not just something for you. Build your life around others, sacrifice for them. Nothing else will give you meaning as much as self sacrificial love does. Sounds corny, I know.
  6. Im 19 im preparing for my 20s
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    It’s amazing that you are here!

    We, men, need this desperately! Take responsibility, don’t get bogged down in pleasure, love and serve others. Together, we can do it!
  8. If im doing nofap when im 19 i believe im gonna age like fine wine.Its just a matter of time.
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