Wake up before the alarm challenge

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  1. 0/3 again. The alarm got me this time, slept like a baby :D

    At least I'm improving in the sense that I wake up by myself more often now than before the challenge. Hopefully one day I have developed the power needed to wake up by myself three days in a row.
  2. 1/3 again. I'm quite steadily waking up before the alarm every second day :D

    Today I woke up at 05:20, went out to the outdoor gym and did 100 pullups and 20 dips. Was out for one and a half hour.
  3. [BLANK]

    [BLANK] Fapstronaut

    I am not sure how to wake up without the help of the alarm, unless my biological hour got adjusted in a way that I get used to waking up at a certain time. Any tips?
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  4. If you go to bed and go up the same time everyday and make sure you sleep enough hours, it should do the trick. What I do when I go to sleep is also telling myself to go up when it’s morning, so that I’m not lying there if I’m awake. However it’s not easy, obviously! Resetting again...
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  5. hmm this is definitely an advanced challenge. Like @[BLANK] I'm in need of the instruction. I guess the first requirement is a good sleep routine. Or at least a good knowledge of your sleep routine.
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  6. Yeah I agree, it’s an advanced challenge. However, @Rising Force who have practised this for some time completed the challenge on his first try! Really a brilliant performance. Since I started, I have woken up by myself five out of eleven times.
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  7. 2/3, yes!! Finally I made it two times in a row!
  8. 3/3, challenge completed! Feels like a huge success :)
  9. Even though my alarm was set to 05:10, I managed to wake up ten minutes before.

    Retention, 4/3
  10. Retention, 5/3

    Suddenly I lerned how to get consistent results in this challenge. :)
  11. 6/3, it’s weekend so no alarm, will count it as another retention day as I woke up at 05:50 :)
  12. 8/3, still retention. Woke up at 05:10 today. :)
  13. Back in November, I promised to take this challenge again...

    Today I woke up just before my alarm. Right at 10:28 :emoji_upside_down:
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  14. Haha! Today I woke up 05:30, 30 minutes before the alarm. Started the day with refreshing my knowledge in electrodynamics.

    I challenge you with a three day challenge!

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  15. 1/3, woke up at 05:13, morning exercises + electrodynamics
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  16. Today was very similar to yesterday. My rhythm has been out of place for a long time. Let's see if I can do it with 08:00 first.
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  17. 2/3, woke up at 05:15

    Maybe I should add that the alarm rings at 06:00 but my light turns on with weak red light at 05:00. In that way I know when it’s time to go up, without having to check the time.
  18. I tried to go to bed at midnight but I wasn't sleepy at all. I woke up at eight for alarm.

    Is it easier to get up when using that light? Do you feel more fresh or something like that?

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