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    One of the symptoms I have gotten ever since I started PMO a year ago when I was 16(now I'm 17) was Chronic fatigue and worse sleep and feeling tired no matter how much I sleep. I have also noticed another thing which happens to me sometimes, I would sometimes wake up after going to sleep and when I wake up I would be in full panic my face would feel hot and I would have some shortness of breath and I would feel like I am going to die or something my body would then after 2-5 minutes start shivering(not because I'm cold) out of stress and then after 10-15 minutes the panic would go away and I would feel normal but I would be afraid of going back to sleep. Has anybody else experienced this? I have been pmoing in last 1 year and I developed this symptom in around last 3-4 months right now I'm on day 3 of nofap soon and when I get this today it was not as bad as it was before when I was masturbating everyday, also if I masturbated multiple times in a day this entire panic thing would be much worse than when I masturbated only once during that day.

    This symptom was a huge motivation for me to stop doing masturbation, I had other very bad symptoms before but this is one of the worst ones, I have noticed ever since I started masturbating a year ago in the beginning months the symptoms weren't so bad but as months passed they gotten only worse and worse as I continued masturbating, now in September the symptoms were worse than ever before and I have finally started taking nofap very seriously, I'm nearing day 3 soon(my best streak was only 4 days:() and I already feel that I am slowly healing from this I can 100% say I feel MUCH better than when I was masturbating 2-3 times a day 2 weeks ago but not fully healed.

    Did anybody else experience similar symptoms?
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