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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Earl Sweatshirt, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Earl Sweatshirt

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    I can't believe I am here, but today is my 90th day PMO free. 4 months ago, I thought something like this happening to me was impossible. January 2016 is when I really dedicated myself to it because it was taking a heavier toll on my life than I initially thought. I wanted to live life PMO free then where I wouldn't be lazy or socially awkward. Like what Ewan McGregor said in Trainspotting (movie can be triggering), "Now I'm cleaning up and I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life."

    PMO made me lazy, more anxious than I should be at times, and incredibly shy around women. When I began my "Thousand Day March" as I like calling it, I easily was able to be more social around women, even getting some phone numbers. No date or relationship yet, but I have a strong feeling I'll be there by the time the new year rings in. I believe that these "superpowers" that boost your general energy and confidence with the preferred gender from being PMO free do exist. I'm very happy that my life is taking a turn around for the better.

    The "Thousand Day March" isn't just a NoFap thing, I also use it to be healthy. I cut off fast food from my diet, began checking my calorie intake daily, and working out at the gym. I have lost a significant amount of weight because of it and I won't stop anytime soon with these healthy habits.

    Strategies I Made To Combat PMO:
    Whenever I caught myself looking at P, I immediately decide to do some exercises
    I deleted my P collection from one of my flash drives

    You can do it, don't give up. You can be free from PMO.
  2. GSarosi

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    That is awesome man. I hope to hit the 90 day mark like you. This is my ever first try to combat this btw. Deleting the stash is the ever first important step in my opinion. Exercise is the best medicine because it produces the same relaxing and calming effect as PMOing because both activities release dopamine.
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  3. BrownTownn

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    Thats dope man! Conrgats
  4. Abdulrahman99

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    Stay focused, we're all only human and we make mistakes. But good job on the 90 day streak, you really proved something to yourself and showed others that you can stay disciplined under pressure. *high fives you* :)
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  5. RetroMike

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    Good stuff man! I congratulate you on your 90th day streak. I like how you channel your energy from the urges to working out. That gave me an idea to knock out pushups every time I feel the urge to PMO. Keep fighting the good fight to 1000!
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  6. Earl Sweatshirt

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    Because of my ongoing Thousand Day March, I have discovered the root of my depression and I am combatting against it too. Ever since high school, I began feeling depressed because I was always getting rejected by girls that I liked. My excessive PMOing in those years worsened my depression because it just gave me a feeling of emptiness. Now I think it is pathetic to waste that sexual energy for some pictures and a video on the Internet. Now, I no longer have those feelings of pessimism and negativity about the dating world. I used to think there was nothing out there for me, now I am confident with myself and I feel that the one for me can show up any day, whether it is today, tomorrow, next month or maybe even years from now.
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  7. Abdulrahman99

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    I totally agree with you! It's a great thing that you're fighting your depression and no longer have feelings of depression. I'm happy that you've gotten so far in your journey, keep pressing on brother!
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  8. BushidoWarrior

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    Congratulations on your success! It's stories like yours that motivate me to keep on striving towards my goals. Thank you friend!
  9. Chaz

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    congrats man. keep it up
  10. Earl Sweatshirt

    Earl Sweatshirt Fapstronaut

    Almost 120 days in, I refuse to stop
  11. g2stop

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    Nice work and inspiring
  12. Andyst343

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    Well done big respect.

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