Walked past an old haunt at 500 plus days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Westsidejimmy, Sep 28, 2019.

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    So today I was near a peep show place that was an old haunt of mine due to circumstance. For a moment I thought about what it used to be like and when I went past instead of a desire to go in I just felt sad about the girls there.

    Keep strong boys. It takes some time and effort but you will change. When you master it things get better rapidly. I don't believe in superpowers but just lately I'm getting a lot more smiles from attractive ladies. It's strange because usually when it happens I'm not really paying attention to them and don't notice until I'm close. Also I'm no Adonis.

    Carry yourself like a champion. That's advice I got from my boxing coach who is a world champion. If you do this one thing that is way harder than it sounds you will succeed. PMO is a void where all your confidence goes. Don't let it suck you dry.

    Oh and get active. I'm now lifting weights, practicing tai chi under a legit Chen master, and practicing Eskrima, boxing, wushu, and juijitsu when I can get to it. Some of us need that level of physicality to stay normal. I believe it's what the modern day has taken away from men and contributes to using PMO as a diversion. Warriors aren't trained they are born, the training keeps them from doing bad things. A great quote from a guy I train with.

    Good luck with your progress. You will recover.
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    jesus 500 wow are you monk and not having sex purposely?
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    The Truth shall set you free.
    With all the respect to nofap, I give more credit to boxing in my journey to being my best self.
    Boxing changed my life and now I don't need a reminder that I'm a warrior any more I feel I am the warrior⚡
    Thank you for your inspiring post❤
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  4. Congrats and right behind you with 400 days harmode. Even though I still have lows frequently with those digit, but I'll keep pushing to the max to get out of this mess.
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  5. nice post ty and God bless

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