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Do you people want me know the reasons why i got addicted to this disease.Vote on the respective pol

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  1. Silentbird

    Silentbird New Fapstronaut

    Hi Fapstronauts, it's my first time to actually writing about my addiction which i purposely thought iam not the effected one with this disease. Iam always inclined towards this disease, because of my depression and my childhood memories. But now i think i can and i will cope up with this addiction because i am not alone there are many others who suffered alot then me. Hopefully to get some help and guidance from you people to excel in life and to be more confident, healthy and energetic. Cheers!
  2. Welcome to the community!
    Good to have you here. Good luck! Stay alert and optimistic :)
  3. Glad you joined @Silentbird , hope you have easy days ahead. And the support from this website is amazing.
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