Want to be like a girl (warning strong triggers)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by gynxi, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. gynxi

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    Hi Guys! I´m a 25 year old guy that have been struggling with nofap for 2 years. Longest streak is 43 days and I'm currently at day 16. have been searching around the web but can't find a story that fits me specifically even though sissy stories and hold stories have some similarities. (Pardon my bad english)

    I consider myself heterosexual and I can only fall in love with women and desire women for intimacy and relationships. However, since the age of around 13, I have been fascinated with penises and fantasizing about performing oral sex. The thing is that I dream about being the female actor performing this stuff. This has also escalated into me wanting to perform other things just as a female actor.

    As my streaks reach a certain point, it's not that I want to return to porn. I want to act out on these fantasies and struggling against it finally leads to relapses.

    I can't understand if this is something that only happens to me, if it is normal or if it will go away. I find it very difficult to handle. Anybody here have any similar problems and see success in getting rid of it?
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    It will fade away, just give it time. I experienced that when I was around 13 to 14 but I no longer do. The causes are pornography.
  3. This has happened to a lot of men who have a pornography addiction. Acting these things out will just make it worse.
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  4. DiogoFSantos

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    Bro, you are 100% normal...stay away from that sh*t and you will see the changes coming ;)
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  5. Themadfapper

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    It's possible your brain has learned that tempting you with these things will lead to you relapsing [ getting the dopamine it craves].
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  6. gynxi

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    Thank you guys for the replies!
  7. SnowWhite

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    Sexual fantasies are normal. They are part of our creativity.

    They are a "problem" only when they become addictive and when you find that you use them to escape from reality and from fulfilling your dreams.

    That's why porn can be seen as a drug. It gives you the feeling of being connected, but in reality, you are totally alone.
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    I feel you on this one man. Im new to this whole site and have had the same problems. Hopefully this will help me with my problems. Honestly i haven't told anyone about watching this sissy stuff because I was too embarrassed. I just bottled all this crap up and i keep questioning my sexuality (even though i know im straight).its good to know im not alone on this. Stay strong man and lets kick this addiction's ass.
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