Want to fuck every woman if on NoFap

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Pluto, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Pluto

    Pluto Fapstronaut

    Because I don't PMO, I have more phantasies about fucking my female classmates, don't really care how attractive they are, just....want.....to......fuck.....them

    How can I stop it? I mean in general thinking about it 24/7? And no, "seeing women as humans" won't work (yet), I already tried it. I need to stop phantasizing about it cuz it triggers me a lot
  2. Jen@8675309

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    I've had days like this. Instead of trying to STOP all the thoughts, try to REPLACE them. It's easier to fight if you learn how to interrupt that line of thinking that keeps landing you in trouble. Do you have something in your life that you can focus on for the time it takes for the urge to go away? Sports? Food? Movies? As soon as the urge hits, switch over to your safety-net thought and focus on that instead.
  3. DrAwesome04

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    You should develop some hobbies like reading, coding etc. Maybe get yourself into sports.
    If your thoughts are turning aggressively into that then take my suggestion go see a freind or a family member and spend time with others.
    Start meditating.
    Start going to workouts.
    Get yourself tired.
    Start socializing.
    Try to see fellow girls as humans not objects for your pleasuring. Talk to them about hat they like and what you like.
    I recommend that you go on a 100 day celibacy. Keep yourself away from any kinda girl. Not even conversing yourself. Let them do the talking but you have start ignoring them.
    And get out of your room in the beautiful world that the God gave us.
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  4. Waldo101

    Waldo101 Fapstronaut

    Eat a whole bag of large potato chips and some ice cream everytime your horny. The massive weight gain should slow you down a little.
  5. HipPete

    HipPete Fapstronaut

    I would suggest channeling those feelings to pain and motivation to better yourself day by day. It's not going to be instant results but I promise you if you don't give up on your goal, your results will slowly show. Maybe you need to practice on body language and/or self confidence. Unless you're a prodigy I can assure you that those who make it look easy spend the most time reflecting and working on oneself because it's burning with desire.
  6. admittingpowerless

    admittingpowerless Fapstronaut

    I wish I had good answers for you. When I abstain I have this deep fire in my gut that rises. I, too see every woman around as a fantasy. I feel so frustrated in that moment, because I would do anything to release that fire.

    I agree with [email protected]. Replacing that with something else exciting helps so much. For me it is movies, coding, etc. Now I am adding posting on NOFAP, because it gets my mind in a different place.

    It helps me to remember that the addiction is the flooding of dopamine, and my body's intense desire for it. Just finding others sources of it, really does make a difference. Chatting with friends online, or calling others releases serotonin, and finding a risky or difficult situation that releases cortisone. It's really fascinating.

    Just some thoughts. I am praying for you. I hope you stand strong in the war.
  7. RedPillRebooter

    RedPillRebooter Fapstronaut

    Same here bro! It's natural think back to the times before pictures existed. Guys were horny as shit all the time and wanted to fuck every girl!

    Just find a girl to sleep with!
  8. OneWithTheUnderdogs

    OneWithTheUnderdogs Fapstronaut

    I'm in your exact position man.

    I feel like Josh Hartnett in 40 Days & 40 Nights when he starts tripping and starts swimming in a sea of ass and titties when he's walking down the street.

    I'm checking out every single girl who walks by. Women just look amazing today and I want to have sex with all of them!
  9. The_Monk

    The_Monk Guest

    "Enticed by the physical glamour of a woman (or a man), do not lose your senses; the body is nothing but a conglomeration of flesh, do not forget this any time"
  10. DrAwesome04

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  11. FindingAName

    FindingAName Banned User

    yeah tbh its unavoidable, and u cant really replace it like others suggest, it takes time like everything, after bieng on nofap for long enough these thoughts will subside, not be gone completely, but you will significantly become better at control
  12. FindingAName

    FindingAName Banned User

    im sorry but meditation sounds dumb, going to exercise's {gym} may not work for him {or me} maybe cuz im just lazy
  13. The_Monk

    The_Monk Guest

    Enticed by the physical glamour of a woman (or a man), do not lose your senses; the body is nothing but a conglomeration of flesh, do not forget this any time

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