Want to go to the hookers (again)

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  1. So i wented to the hookers like 10 times.

    I have never had an relation or any contact with women in the past 5 year, having social contact with a hooker removes that empty void. I like the sex and the contact.

    For the past year i never managed to get past day 20, due to high consumption of video games and caffeine, the first got rid of the latter not so much...

    By the end of the month i got to like 10 days, and i realy want to fuck and, you know... I want to go there, spend 175 EUR and have a good time.

    The last time was 2 months ago and it was an ok experience. I choose the wrong girl, this time i want to pay more attention, take time.

    I feel pretty lonely, having no contact with girls having only 2 friends of one i visit 3 times a week. I really feel like the need for contact with girls, and hookers, is now the only fast way.

    I am also introverted, and i do not like to be around loudly people in crowded areas, like bars, there fore i can kinda call my self a anti-social person. I do not make friends easily, i have those two friends for years now, and i lac the balls to make new friends and to socialize....
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    You lack the ball to try out something new yet you spend it on a hooker... Idk man seems like a prety bad excuse

    Im an introvert myslef but i forced myself to go to the gym (still a lone wolf) but who cares i managed to make a new friend with gym admin,,

    I attend foreign language session , yeah its scary but i paid for that lesson and whatever the odds the teacher must teach me

    Why spend on hooker when ucan improve ur self
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  3. Is there a question or some advice about something your looking for? Or are you just mainly posting this to share your situation? Just wondering how the community can help you, not being rude.
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  4. a comboof the three
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    I last saw a prostitute around a month ago and I've seen about 9 in total. It's just a waste of money. It's sex with all the connection, passion and love taken out - it's essentially just an expensive wank + chance of catching an STD. Do you really feel good about yourself after each fuck or do you feel empty like I did? It's about time we both stop that silly shit.
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    Don't kid yourself thinking your average girl you meet out there doesn't walk around with a STD, pretty sure it is 1 in 4 nowadays. You can only smash a hooker with a condom anyway. Guess what, the chance for a STD is there regardless of hooker or normal girl.

    Now, if you are looking for love and affection, I agree that a hooker wouldn't give you that.
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    I remember back in the days.. 10 or 15 years ago, I tried hookers. Most likely I knew Im broken and I wanted to learn it with a woman (now called rewiring)

    It did not work. But I never felt empty or sad afterwards. Nowadays - it would kill me. But I went a long way from there.

    When I look back - I was REALLY lucky I did not catch something really nasty. Ufff... Also lucky I was not robbed etc. Lots of bad ppl around there.

    I have like 3 nice experiences from there. All of them with a girls which were not profi.. most likely met em in their 1st week on the streets..

    Rest was bad. Im afraid I did it like 100 times.. blah. God forbid...
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    I'm not really pro hookup culture either though. If anything, you're probably far more likely to catch something from a stranger than a hooker since they'll expect and pressure you to make out with them, eat them out, etc. while a hooker wont do any of that if you tell them not to.
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  9. Dude, you did the right thing by coming here and talking about it.
    That is the main function of this place, which is to get support on these issues.

    So if you want my advice, here goes.
    Remember that I want the best outcome.
    You know going to hookers is wrong, so don't do that.

    If you can believe in how a hard mode 90 reboot can improve your life,
    focus on doing that.
    Because it will.
    By the end, you won't feel so lonely and girls are going to be

    But all of this has a cost, which is the suffering of the reboot.
    What good thing in life can be earned without suffering?

    You are lucky because you live in a wealthy continent. So there are opportunities.
    Build out your life, your fitness, your finances, your hobbies, and your brain.
    Keep doing that stuff, don't stop just because you have a hard day or a setback.

    Anyway, all you really have to do is get through today.
    One day at a time, my brother.
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    Agreed, either way not the way to go..

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