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    Hello people. I'm mx-rick, 25, generally healthy, with the girl of my dreams and the job that I always wanted.

    Lately I've been feeling disconnected from the world, without any appreciation for much at all. I lacked motivation, passion and the energy to do pretty much anything. What makes me even more upset is that I'm well aware of having pretty much a "perfect life", and I can't accept having fallen into this downward spiraling hole, from which I really can't seem to find any way out.

    What brings me here? I'm on a high intensity self development streak, trying to commit to as many good habits that I can. I made my way into this forum after watching a TED talk on the subject. I want to believe that PMO could've brought me down, along other issues. I don't reckon myself to be heavily addicted, but I have made a habit of masturbating at least once daily (with or without porn) for several years. Most of the times I realized that I would masturbate just to fill in time or to simply keep this very pleasurable practice every single day. Sometimes I would even force myself to masturbate even though my body was clearly telling me that there was no real need (partial erection, lack of libido). A few times I went along without masturbating for two or three days and I saw quite a few benefits, ranging from increased libido to harder erections. Reading quite a few posts, spending a bit of time on YouTube, getting to know about all these success stories has definitely sparked the interest in giving NoFap a try. I try not to keep my expectations too high, all I really want is to be able to show myself that I can happily live without (P)MO. I'm just 5 days in and I want to make the effort of not paying attention to the actual days, but just reminding myself of my commitment. My hopes are that my vital energy will soon spike up and translate into a general well-being in all areas of my life, from girlfriend to friends, from work to family.

    Thanks for the support guys, I'm really excited to give this a go.
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    Hey @mx-rick, welcome to Nofap! I myself have been feeling quite disconnected sometimes, and lacking motivation because my future seems bleak. Browse around to find some helpful tips. Wish you all the best.
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    Welcome to NoFap where you are amongst friends who are here to encourage you and sometimes challenge you but not judge you.

    The enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy. What are your current strategies for combating the enemy called PMO?
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    Hey @Username1021 and @D . J . thanks for the support guys!! I just started my Journey so I don't really have any good strategies at all. Other than try and do a lot of activities which I enjoy. I'm just committed to avoid PMO to the best of my energies. I would definitely recommend try to channel this energy into working out, running or just doing something good for yourself. Start new activities or pick up old ones. Yesterday I was curious to check how my erection would be after a few days of nothing so I gently edged to as far as to get an erection (took very very little) then I stopped. Now I feel kind of guilty and I wonder if that counts as a relapse or not. My intention, for how strange it could sound, wasn't to be pleased but just to see how hard I could get after 5 days (the result was really good).
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