Wanted to post my achievments, and would be happy if someone gives feedback.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jonny1992, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Jonny1992

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    I quitted for 115 day sexting. Through a girl 2 years ago I came in contact with sexting, and slipped into camgirls. I have no more contact with that girl and I am free from her and from the urges to text or write her. Also I am free from the wish to to sexting with other girls. And I am so happy that I am free of it. And am on day 85 free from camgirls. When I relapse on pornsites and then a camgirl site pops up. I can close it.

    The thing is, I lost a girl that I loved, do to my porn addiction and issues and psychic problems. And now I am getting rid step by step from my problems and turn my live around. But it is kinda hard.

    I started with weight and cardio training, lost 11 pounds. Had a problem with my liver, now I am cured within 2 months. More then 60 days free from alcohol, juices and sugar. Reading and watching self improvment videos. The thing is, it takes time to develop a habit and my willpower is not infinitfe. Or I would do mandy things as possible. I am free of 9gag. I was addicted to that and try to use my internet usage only for learning, or watch something interesting, like wintergatan, or people playing music instruments or animals.

    Next step for me is, getting rid of my manga reading addiction, because they contain a lot of triggers for me. I am on day 14 and it gets easier. This is a preparation to get rid of PMO. And tomorrow I will start to train myself go regulary on the same time to bed and wake up. To develop a more stable routine.

    But still, kinda not free of porn, don't got the willpower to get rid of it yet.

    Also cleaning regulary my apartment, searching a job and planning how I will continue with life.

    If you read so far, thank you for reading. Please give a feedback.

    Best regards,

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    It sounds like you are doing well.
    My latest trick is to try to watch my addictions and urges instead of letting them control me. Trying to understand why they are there, when they happen, for how long they last etc.
    Also, a simple question you can ask yourself: 'Is this urge/addiction/habit helpful or necessary?'. Do I really need to do it? The answer is no, and that is a good start.
    Understand the problem, and then do something helpful instead.
  3. Jonny1992

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    That is acutally a good tip. Thank you very much.
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  4. Fada1

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    Nice one. Hope you get stronger from here. I have been trying to conquer mine too. We are stronger than we thought
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  5. Bizzle

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    Sounds like you are doing good! I haven't been on here in years, i need to start again, but glad to see you improving :)
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  6. Jonny1992

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    Hey Bizzle, you were the very first one I met on nofap:D
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  7. quit@porn

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    Weldone brother, you will overcome other issues as well with way... Congo

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