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Which has been your single most successful tactic in remaining PMO free?

  1. Getting outside the house so I am not alone

  2. Having an accountability partner

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  3. Exercise

  4. Meditation and/or prayer

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  5. Blocking adult material from tech devices

  6. Will power/brute force

  7. Joining a support group (online or offline)

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  1. sakeen

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    Warriors against porn and degeneracy! In this thread, tell us how you are waging war against this great evil to ascend to your highest potential. What specific actions have you taken? Help your brethren out!

    Research has shown that drug addicts who were successful in recovering fully were the ones who knew they had weak willpower. The ones who were least likely to succeed were those who rated themselves as having high willpower! Instead, the successful ones used willpower strategically by picking their battles.

    What also predicted success was the use of strategies to reduce temptation and cravings through avoidance of cravings/temptations. This means that these fuckers planned ahead, performed intelligence on their weak spots, and made damn sure they will avoid those weak spots (environments, people, situations) that act as triggers. They preserved willpower instead of trying to brute force their way through temptation every time.

    So in the spirit of this knowledge, I will start:

    27 year old veteran, longest streak 60 days, tried a fuckton of different things before admitting I have an addiction. Now, overcoming this addiction is the most important mission in my life.

    Reduce temptation by removing triggers from line of sight (see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil). Delay, disrupt and frustrate actions towards accessing porn, so that when attacked by urges I have bought time to cool down.


    • Installed K9 web filter and set up DNS family shield on my laptop (Tip: specifically use familyshield because the other DNS settings don't block porn! For K9, I used random password generator, and hid the admin password in a password protected sheet on excel, in white font so I don't find it easily).
    • Set up parental protection through my network provider for my phone to block all adult material at the source.
    • Removed all stock browsers on phone, using Norton Family app instead to go on internet (blocks porn, adult material).
    • Switch to dumb phone when I know I am feeling weak.
    • Leave phone outside room and bathroom at all times (unless need for business calls).
    • Set Nofap forums as HOMEPAGE on browser!
    • Reduce time alone. If I have a day off I spend it outside, go to a café or a library to catch up on work. (you'll find your urges magically disappear when you're in public).
    • Tidy and clean your room regularly.
    • Avoid people/friends who are obsessed with pussy and/or porn and can't shut up about it.
    • Leave bedroom door open. (Reinforces idea that I have nothing to hide from anymore).
    • Affirm every morning that I am strong enough to reject PMO
    • Reaffirming my commitment to future goals, thinking of steps to reach there.
    • Prayer and mindfulness meditation on Headspace
    • Create notes on the identity I want to develop - right now it is to be more dependable and reliable for colleagues and family by speaking the truth, and avoiding lies.
    • Do Dr Jordan Peterson's Self-Authoring Programme - this helps me plan for the future and 'get my personal experience straight'.
    • Listen to self-improvement audiobooks to drown out porn cravings.
    • Exercise or run >3 times a week.
    • Posting on Nofap forums what I have learned so far and learning from my brothers in recovery.

    So what are YOU doing? Share with us!
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