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    Inski Fapstronaut

    This is my story about my 40+ day nofap journey after leaving hospital today, while taking Xyvelam, Diclac and some other stuff to shrink my oversized balls. This story is about huge benefits as well, as downsides of doing nofap. A must read for younger nofappers.

    About me:

    I'm Inski, 36 years old. Born and living in between the Baltic, Adriatic & Black Sea. I've started craving for porn at the age of 14, where I've went to various 'underground' internet caffes to be able to peek at some nudes (Internet during the mid 90's wasn't as common as it is today). Of course I wasn't masturbating in front of the pot heads, who made out most of the people visiting those places, but it was a beginning of my addiction.

    Between the age of 14 and 16 I was a very lively kid, but as gradually time passed I've started consuming more and more internet porn. At home internet porn slowly replaced my sexy magazine collection. With each year I was becoming a little bit less and less energetic, less and less present "in the head". I've started using porn to relieve my stress. Before discovering nofap, I wasn't aware of that. It got really bad some 10 years ago when Steve Jobs premiered the first iPhone, and I've finally got my first internet-friendly smartphone. The other factor was my immensely stressful job. At some point to relieve stress I've often resorted to PMO at work while being alone in the toilet. This and me slowly becoming a zombie devoid out of any strong emotions and desires was my next low. During the end of this low, perhaps 3-4 years, I was also masturbating almost each next or second day. At some point I've started having bigger and bigger problems experiencing orgasms. This was my turning point to research nofap about 40 days ago

    NoFap Day-by-Day, Week by Week.

    Day 0-3
    After not being able to come during sex I've immediately went no PMO.
    I've simply resisted the urge keeping my self busy with there things.

    Day 4-7
    I started feeling like a beast. Literally. I'm rather athletic + I'm on a testosterone boosing diet since almost 1 year.

    On day 5 I've literally bit my tongue to prevent telling an attractive female gym receptionist, whom I find rather annoying, because she often attempts starting chitchat with me while I'm hurrying to get in and out of the gym.. ..To "shut the F* up and take off her pants". My libido went thru the roof. During the last 2 days of the first week I've started looking at good-looking women similar to a wolf looking at it's pray. Of course I've been looking a women in a sexual way before. But I've never ever experienced this type of feelings in such an intensive way before. I some way It came as a shock to me.

    Before this I did receive some attention from women. However they've never seemed to be so radiating with joy when they see me.. since I was 18-24 years old.

    I keep a precise record of everything what I'm doing at the gym. After day 5, I was a able to increase my running speed and the number of pull-ups by 10% without effort. Previously doing this has taken me about 1 month. While doing nofap day 5 came and I was able to do this in one day.

    In terms of energy & focus I've only wanted to grab some real pu**y and do physical activities.

    Sound's wierd, but I've experienced a pleasant burning warm & fuzzy feeling around my stomach area.

    Then at the peak of this high, during an evening, I've experienced a huge migraine. After taking a lot of painkillers I was able to live thru the next day.

    Day ~8~33
    After the migraine my crazy libido went down to a more normal level. I was able to think clear now. The "female attraction" "superpower" also scaled down a bit ( or at least my perception of it).

    The boost to physical endurance also scaled down a bit.. but my performance at the gym and general endurance remains much better than during the tapping days. According to my gym-notes this can not be attributed to the regular pace of my gains from before nofap.

    - I've gradually gained focus and better memory.

    - I've discovered passion for my work again
    - I'd like to experience more and more of everything. The only problem is the day having only 24hr.
    - I've started executing my daily schedules with much less effort
    - I'm clearly present in the moment all the time
    - I've started doing more productive things (i.e. listening and viewing educational YT videos instead of playing computer games)
    - My energy levels are similar to when I was 18-24 years old
    - My social anxiety I've started developing some 10 years ago is almost gone

    Day ~34~35

    - I can say of myself I feel no or close to no desire to see porn, but..

    Day ~36~38

    - I want to have a nuru massage with 2 hot models or/and have a threesome with 2 10/10 girls.

    In other words I want to put my wet dreams into reality. There aren't any good quality establishments in my town, that would make this possible. However there some top quality establishments in other cities that offer those type of experiances.

    I've started organising my trip where, as a side activity, while doing job interviews, I'd visit such an establishment.

    While doing so I've cached myself edging on one of the ads offering such type of experience.

    Day ~39~40

    Next day I've woken up with a burning feeling in my lower back area.
    When I've moved I've felt a strong pain in my abdomen. Then I've felt a strong pain in my left ball.

    My balls got bigger during the whole nofap time, but during the night my left ball got huge, red - and very sensitive - up to a point it was difficult for me to get out of the bed.

    This got a - bit - better after a few hours. But i was still experiencing those symptoms the next day. And the day after.

    Those were similar symptoms many of you on this forum are describing.

    In the mean time I've figured out IT WASN'T BLUE BALLS. Blue balls ought to disaster wholly after a few hours. I've experienced this condition for about 3 days.

    Since I want to have children one day, I've made an appointment with an urologist.

    But I wasn't able to make it to the appointment, because though it - got a bit better - It suddenly got a lot worse during the night. Since I'm not crazy, I've went to a hospital ER. Diagnosis: Epididymitis

    When left untreated, this can lead to serious problems.

    This is why I'm sitting now taking antibiotics and my tests are no longer hyper sensitive. The swelling and sensations in the tests are going back. And perhaps in 2-3 days I'm going to be able to continue functioning normally again. The problem is I'm loosing days and a day has only 24hrs.

    The Moral of the Story:

    1. NoFap is great
    2. Don't edge

    That said:

    3. NoFap puts your organism under a heavy strain by:

    - Giving weird hormonal rides.
    - Putting physical pressure on your tests and genitals. Unused sperm is absorbed by the organism but it's possible that it's unable to absorb everything as it builds up, putting the inner workings of your genitals under additional pressure.
    - Edging builds additional pressure.

    All this pressure in longer time leads prostate deformation.

    In short time - it's enough for a drop of pee to get into the reproductory part of your genitals - to cause an infection. This can easily happen because of all the pressure buildup.

    4. A man has to relive that pressure once per c.a. 30 days. Preferably with a partner. If not possible, in some other way aside of porn (i.e. you can get a tantric massage). But it has to happen within c.a. 30 days. That said getting back to napping i.e. once per week or once per 2 or 3 weeks is a bad idea. Fapping once per week will drain your energy to a very low level (I've been doing this before starting fapping each and second day).

    If not - bad things might happen.

    5. If you're having any sensations in your tests fore more than 1 day. See an urologist immediately.


    Nofap requires moderation. It's just lifting weights. Yes, it's positive, but you can also seriously injure yourself while putting too much strain on your back.
  2. Darren hutto

    Darren hutto Fapstronaut

    Yeah man I went 6 days without PMO and my left ball started hurting but when I masterbate it went away
  3. Epididymitis can be caused by a UTI(you mentioned back and abdominal pain) , bladder infection, or an STD. Did your urologistst say that it could have been from nofap?
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  4. BreakingBenjamin

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    i havent ejaculated more than 30 days.. still feeling normal down there. i dont edge though, only fantasize sometimes when i get urges.
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  5. Wolfpup

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    Thanks for sharing this. People need to be aware that there are risks.
  6. Inski

    Inski Fapstronaut

    You ought to do 30 days. It's definitely worth it. Though if you experience strong pain in your testicles or if you're going to feel something unpleasant going on down there for more than 1 day, you should immediately go visit an urologist.
  7. Inski

    Inski Fapstronaut

    This happened about 8 hours after edging. I've never had any problems in regards to UTI or my bladder before. So this is definitely the cause of that.

    The ER doc said the infection was likely the result of pressure building up around the urinal area. I haven't mentioned anything about nofap. I've wanted him to come to a solution on his own.

    Next week I'm going to consult this with a different urologist, who's also specialised in sexology.
  8. Fenix Rising

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    Lot's of bullshit has been written here. I went without sex, MB and orgasm for 8 months now without any problem. I did 6 months last year etc. I even consulted with a friend who is urologist and he said to me that it doesn't matter if you masturbate/have sex or not. As long as you don't edge, you can go without MO and sex forever. Body will take care of it. Edging on the other hand is a no go when you're practicing monk mode, because you can cause groin pain (vas deferens fluids buildup - very, very painful from my own experience) and epididymal hypertension (blue balls). The only sure way to get rid of the groin pain is by ejaculating through masturbation, blue balls can also be "treated" by ice, cold shower and workout.

    I developed excruciating dull aching in the right groin area last time I did monk mode (lasting 6 months) because I edged -> May 19, 2018. The pain was so severe, I ended up at friend urologist afraid of something very bad might be happening to me. I was honest and told him what I did. He just smiled and said to me I probably caused self imposed epididymal obstruction. I was ordered to go to the toilet and MO 3 times and come back to the ambulant. First two orgasms where painful as F, but the 3rd one was normal and the pain went away. That was it. All the treatment needed, nothing serious except of a lot of humiliation. I asked him if abstention is dangerous and he said he has no proof that it is, but if I choose to MB after longer abstention I should go all the way to clean the pipes (he actually said vas deferens not pipes :) ).
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  9. 8 hours of edging is a long time. I still think a UTI could have been a possible culprit given that you had some symptoms of one. I realize you may have never had one before, but there is a first time for everything. However, I am no doctor.

    I hope you continue to get better, and good luck with your urologist. You definitely have me rethinking the nofap journey and how long I want to stay on it.
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  10. Darren hutto

    Darren hutto Fapstronaut

    Yeah I went 6 days and my left ball started hurting a little discomfort and then I relapse to porn and masterbate and the pain went away afterwards
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  11. Darren hutto

    Darren hutto Fapstronaut

    I do get morning wood everyday
  12. Inski

    Inski Fapstronaut

    You're admitting yourself that: you've had a fluid buildup in your balls (I've had fluid build up in my groin as well, combined with the infection) and epididymal hypertension. That's not too healthy. And you're admitting that after a long abstinence it's better to clean the pipes or sh*t can happen.

    Asides, why would anyone want to refrain from having sex for almost 1.5 years? The objective here is to quit an addiction that made our lives a lot worse. PMO is unnatural, and absolutely harmful & addictive. Having sex, on the other hand is natural and can be good.

    Of course even too much of the good can be bad, but you have to be carful not to fall into extremes.

    Remember Aristotle's Golden Mean.

    No - I'd got pills that made everything return to normal. Plus, if anyone of you is going to have the tracts leading to your balls twisted by physical damage - this requires surgery within 2-3 hours, otherwise you're going to lose your balls.
  13. Inski

    Inski Fapstronaut

    8 hours would be torture. I'm not a masochist :D

    Anyway. Thanks. I'm almost cured by the magic pills right now.

    I think you should always stay on the way, but allow yourself to have sex (or a massage*) at least 12 times a year (obviously more if you have a partner).

    *Of course for some this also might develop into a different addiction, so you ought to watch out wit this as well.
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  14. Darren hutto

    Darren hutto Fapstronaut

    I’m sorry I’m not letting my ball hurt again I’ll just masterbate but no porn
  15. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    I'm just saying there is no problem if you don't edge. If you do, you can develop a problem. I haven't edged during my current streak and I have zero problems. I notice semen in urine occasionally and that's it. As I was told by urologist when you edge you break some kind of barrier between testicles and sperm transport system so the sperm gets transported to the ejaculatory ducts in anticipation of ejaculation. If ejaculation doesn't happen you can have excessive buildup of fluids in this area. So masturbation cleans the "pipes". If pipes are empty to begin with, because you didn't edge and sperm stayed inside testicles everything stays in order. I asked urologist directly if complete celibacy is a problem from a medical standpoint and he said he has no scientific or empirical evidence to confirm my worries. I'm not saying you didn't have a medical problem, it's just hard to believe that 41 days of abstinence would cause it. I completed lots of +30 days of hard mode challenges on my recovery journey and never develop any problems if I didn't edge.

    If you develop severe case of PIED you might need a long pause. From my previous experiences I needed around 5-6 months of monk mode to fully recover. I've decided to give up MB for good as I can't control it. For me MB is the same as one line of coke for a former drug addict. I doesn't end well in either case. 25 years of excessive compulsive MO behavior cannot be erased, so I decided to achieve orgasms only when having sex. I intend to exit monk mode after reaching 250 days because of the neuroscience evidence that long term addict's brains need 35.6 weeks on average to fully recover -> May 24, 2019 and intent to practice only no PMO and no MO in the future. To be clear, I'm not an advocate of monk mode, it's just that for some of us long term addicts it has become the only viable option to get better.
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  16. Danm y all got me scared with those comments. I had some case where my groin hurt or tingly but did not clean any pipe, instead i continue with my reboot harmode for 13 months. I kinda afraid to mess up the reboot because I keep feeling nerves tingling sensation throughout my head and back.
  17. In my case, monk for life.
  18. paco179

    paco179 Fapstronaut

    By edging you mean erection with masturbation or only erection with erotic thougths?
  19. If and when ejaculation is necessary due to excessive buildup of fluids, rest assured you will get a nocturnal emission. A nocturnal emission is a healthier release than conscious ejaculation involving the excitatory soup of hormones and neurotransmitters. You should not discourage people who want to go monk mode for longer periods of time. Especially recovering fapstronauts suffering from PAWS should stick with abstinence for longer. One single relapse can cause kindling, symptoms can get worse for us/them after a relapse.
    Personal experience of mine has involved kidney stones after wilful ejaculation during recovery. This issue has been resolved by abstaining from porn and masturbation for longer than 3 months in a row. I have no doubt that MO is a strain on the organism. Please if you have PAWS don't let other people's experiences and opinions tempt you to relapse. You could regret it. It is completely safe to abstain.
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  20. Burning Ice

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    OMG! I wish I had read this before what I did. I egded without orgasm for almost 22 days. And boom had the worst fever of my life with swollen testicular area. UCG scrotum says it's mild funiculitis. That is my spermatic cord got infected. Had 3 courses of antibiotics to kill it. Still have some pain after 2 months. Everyone who is starting NoFap must know about this. Most people think I didn't cum so my streak is still intact and everyone try to play it smart some time or another. I am happy that OP has cured it completely. Sometimes this things get chronic. Peace ️

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